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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pencil Sharpeners of the World Step Aside

Many of you have talked about "things" you couldn't live with out at the beginning of a new school year. This is one thing that all of us should have said. .. . a PENCIL SHARPENER!

For several months I've watched you talk about a new pencil sharpener. I was interested because pencil sharpeners are a main staple of our lives.

1. We can't live without them.
2. They are noisy.
3. Sharpening pencils for 2nd graders can take a long time.
4. Pencil sharpeners eat pencils. . . . they do. . . A brand new pencil can be 2 inches in just a few seconds!
5. They also can be useless.

So when many of you were singing the praises of this new sharpener, I had to find out why this one works and the others don't.

I received my own pencil sharpener the other day.

It's an attractive little machine. . . but sadly it doesn't have a name. . . It comes from Classroom Friendly Supplies.
Right away I had to try it out. . but where are all the pencils in my house?

I finally found one and it definitely needed sharpening.

The unnamed sharpener was quiet, quick, and very VERY easy to use. When the silver panel stops moving, you know your pencil is done. SEE. . ..

OOPS! But then I realized something we all know. . . "there are bad pencils!"
No matter how many times I tried with this pencil the led continued to break. . .
That's not the pencil sharpeners fault. It's the pencil's fault.

I found a brand new pencil.

Then I sharpened it.
Holee Samolee! Look at that point!
And the great part is that it didn't keep on sharpening until it was only 2 inches long!
Ya gotta love that. 

THIS is the sharpener I've been waiting for. 

Here's a video of the sharpener.

This picture shows how to attach it to the shelf. You can put the holding bracket on either side of the sharpener. That's another cool feature of this sharpener.

The sharpener doesn't come with any directions, so I made some to share with you.

Now I know you're really wondering if this sharpener is for you.. . .  IT IS!!!

I will put this to use right away this year. I will teach my kids how to use it and I will sit back and not worry that kids are spending TOO much time at the sharpener. Because NOW I know, when the pencil sharpener has finished it's job, their pencil will be sharpened and it will not have shrunk 4 inches in 30 seconds!

If you're interested in buying one or even more (they get cheaper the more you buy!) Go to this link.

I was so excited by them I bought extras for my own kids and their classrooms. . . I hope they aren't reading this and find out before theirs arrives! SSSHHH! Don't tell them!



  1. I got that same sharpener in the mail a few months ago and just installed it in the classroom. The only issue I have with it is the little metal holder sometimes slips off when the kids go to use it, no matter how much I tighten it. :( I've been training them to hold the top


  2. Sarah,
    I can see where this would be a problem. Troy, who sold this to me, said that he too had the same problem. He even said that he used super glue to secure it to the shelf. I figured that I will teach the kids to hold one hand on the top when sharpening to see if that makes a difference. I used it at school today and was amazed at the quality of sharpness that it gave me. Too many times kids sharpen their pencils down to 2 inches on the first day. This one doesn't allow them to do that. Thanks for your response. I appreciate you stopping by!

  3. I love my pencil sharpener so much. My schools' PTO is buying 12 sharpeners to share around! WOW, that is a lot of good, sharpened pencils.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family


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