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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Giveaway time! Please Enter!

I've teamed up with the best of the best TpT sellers for what I'm sure will be an amazing giveaway! 10 winners will each win one of the prize packages listed below. Each package contains a $10 shopping spree to 10 different stores- that a $100 shopping spree and a total of $1000 in products in all!

You can enter right from my page. Best of luck! 

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Change of Plans

Remember when I last posted. . . Sunday morning?  Let me tell you that Sunday was a whirl wind day.

It started with my daughter telling me she was having Braxton hicks contractions. . . no biggie, she has two more weeks until her due date. But she walked around her house all night just to get some comfort.. . 

Soon after that I got a message that her water broke.  Before I knew it, we had rearranged our flights from Chicago to Houston and were on the way to the airport. 

Suddenly a picture appeared on my phone of a new baby in MY baby's arms. Not only did she come 2 weeks early but she also arrived very quickly! In fact her water broke close to 1:00 pm and Kennedy Jayne arrived at 3:48.

I was more than happy to drop everything and get down here. She is a delight and I'm loving every moment I get to be with her. I love watching my kids become parents. They must have been watching and paying attention because they are doing very good at nurturing her.

I will get back home next week and life will go back to being so normal. . . . . .

Until the NEXT baby comes! My son and his wife are due on July 13th? What if this little guy decides to come two weeks early too? 

It's a very good thing my life has changed this year, (more about that later!)

 I need time to be a gramma!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Become a Crop Duster & Leave a Comment!

Do you remember me? Yes I know I haven't blogged for a loooonnnnnggg time! 

But I have my excuses reasons! 
  • I had to finish teaching.
  • I had to do report cards.
  • I had to have a party (I'll tell you about that on another post!)
  • I had to play some important games like Hangin with Friends, The Dice Game, and Draw with Friends. 
  • I had to pack up my room (you'll see more of that on another post too!)
  • I had to make a bed skirt for my daughter's baby who is due in just 2 weeks!
  • And I had to have lunch with many of my friends. 
Now I'm sure that all of you were very busy too, but somehow YOU managed to post on your blog, make new things AND do all of the above! I don't know how YOU did it. So I just gave up and waited until I felt like I had  time.

Since I was SOOOO busy I haven't been able to read and follow many blogs. But this week, I did start doing that again. 

Do you read like I do? I read what they say and then jump over to someone else's blog. I read theirs and jump again. Does that sound familiar? 

But do you realize when I first started blogging (sounds like jogging or does it sound like logging?) I always, and I mean ALWAYS left a comment. It was the thing to do. It was the polite thing to do. It was the fun thing to do.

But something has happened. People aren't leaving as many comments as they used to. I know we are all busy. . . just reread my list above! I personally think we need to get back to taking a minute to leave a couple words in the comments section. I'm not asking for a novel, just something that you found interesting to read or your thoughts on something that was said. Or answer a question if one was asked.  

As a person who has a blog, it is so nice when someone does leave a comment. Can we start something right now, this very minute. From now on, let's make a pledge to leave more comments (even if for the summer time when we tend to have more time on our hands!). Let's vow to be like the crop dusters who fly by the fields blogs quickly, leave an insecticide message and  make the crops blogs feel more loved!

Clip art from Creative Clips

I'm in! I hope that you can see my comments on your blogs more often this summer. I know you write them for me and others to read. 

I hope you agree. 

You may feel free to share this same message on your blog if you'd like. You can also grab the picture above to use if you want. Maybe we can get others to get back to talking and learning more about each other.