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Monday, August 27, 2012

Free me from Jail and a FREEBIE for YOU! ** FIXED

Get the hand cuffs out.

Call in the police.

Because I think I stole something from someone. . . but I don't know WHO!!!

I searched to see if I could find it and get it from them (because I think it was a freebie)

I put it on Facebook and no one fessed up that it was theirs. . . .

So I created my own. It is truly someone else's idea, but it was such a good one, that I couldn't resist using it. I may and probably have changed the actual wording of it, but the idea is someone else's.

If you recognize this idea, please post the bail money and come and get me out of jail. I will gladly give you credit for it.

This is what I took, borrowed, stole, recreated. Take Home Journals.

I made 10 of them. Each night a child can take any one of them home. Their family can read what someone else wrote, then they are to do their own writing. Each cover has a different topic and directions of what to write.

I started with these UGLY journals that Wal-Mart gave us (apparently NO one wanted to buy them!).

Then I laminated my journal cover and taped it to cover up those words. . .  yuck! (hee hee!)

Now that I have confessed to this crime, I will GIVE away all the topics that I made so that who ever originally created them, MIGHT not be AS mad at me.
Just click HERE to get them.
They are made with DJ Inkers clip art and fonts. They are so adorable!

So grab them for free, tell your friends, do what you have to, to get me out of trouble.

You see, tomorrow is my first day back to school. I know many of you have been there for a couple weeks or more, but for Michigan it is a law.  . . a LAW! We can NOT start school until after Labor Day. Do you want to know why?

Here's the deal. There are a lot of touristy things in the Upper Penninsula and in Upper Michigan near Mackinaw Island. Apparently the legislatures from that part of the state are pretty strong figures, and they were able to sway the rest of the state to make us wait until after their touristy season. They need their workers who were quite often students to be there.  But here's my question. . . there are a lot of touristy things in lower Michigan that happen in early June, when we are still in school. . . . so why didn't those legislatures win out?

Ok, I digress. . . or ***** SQUIRREL! *******

I've got lots to do to get ready for my first day of . . . . you guessed it. . .  meetings! But I hope to be back tomorrow to share something else with you. . . . y'all come back now ya here!

And just one more thing. A big shout of prayers to all those who could be or are in the path of Isaac. It's a huge pain and worry and something we Michiganians never have had to worry about.

P.S. There was a typo and Jane was kind enough to bring it to my attention. It is fixed now. So if you grabbed this yesterday, you'll want to come back and get the new one.



  1. I noticed a small error...What make you sad...should be What makes you sad...

    1. Thank you! I will fix that tomorrow. It's time for bed and my main computer is all shut down. I appreciate your help. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love these Patty:) I am stealing these from you, so now I may be an accessory to your little crime, hehe;)

    Surfin' Through Second

  3. That is a FABULOUS idea, Patty!

    I was so busy this week with PD, open house, and last minute things that I didn't do my usual blogstalking... I'm bummed I didn't see these earlier!

    Printing them now so I can do 'em later!


  4. Fabulous!!!! Printing them now:)

  5. Thank you so much!! You are great!!


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