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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is your room ready? ugggh!

I am a little bit jealous of many of  you. . . just a wee bit. 

But it's not enough I can't  get over it.

Many of you are in your rooms working hard to get them ready for your students. Sadly some of you are already back to teaching.

But in my case today, .... TODAY...... TODAY, they are cleaning my room. Seriously! Actually I went in last night to drop some stuff off and I noticed that things were wiped down, but the floor hadn't been done.

I'm not sure how your school does it, but in the past they empty our rooms, (and yes, I clear off all the shelves so that EVERYTHING can be moved out) and then shampoo the carpet.  It's a tedious process, but when I return in the fall, I KNOW that everything has been cleaned.

Last night it appeared that the carpets still needed to be vacuumed. . . I even found a pinto bean from my math centers under a desk. Does that sound like they cleaned to you? So I checked the other rooms, and many others seemed to need their carpets cleaned.

Well one thing led to another and now my carpets and the other classrooms are getting shampooed today.

Give me a few days and maybe, just maybe I'll be in my room working. . .

if it's a cool morning. . . . .

and if there is nothing else on my calendar. . . .

and if I am bored. . . .

and if I get out of my jammies. . . .

 and well, as you can see, I'm not all that jealous after all!

I do have a while yet to get started. Michigan schools are not allowed by law to start until the day after Labor day. That's September 4th this year. We have a few boring meetings and learning sessions professional developement activitites on the Monday through Thursday of that last week in August.

I guess I'll be in my room during the two weeks before. . . oh wait, . . . that's just next week. . . Hey maybe, just maybe I call my BBF (That's Best Blogger Friend) Christina Bainbridge and have her help me since she's a uber achiever and has her room all done! Just kidding Christina. . . you did your time, now you can sit back and relax!



  1. I was able to get in my room for the first time today. I was hoping to get in early since I have a math training the week before school starts.

    You are lucky that you get to start after Labor Day. We start Aug. 20th and most schools around here start the week before.

    Ms. Fiorini’s Stadium

  2. We were able to get into our rooms starting yesterday. I will probably go next week. Summer has gone by too fast!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. HAHA Patty! Of course I'd come help you! That's what BBFFs are for! ;)


  4. Our maintenance, yes you heard that right, our maintenance won't let us in until August 15th. They apparently control our schools. We have that same week of boring I mean valuable professional development. Oh and they do pay us a 1/2 day to get our room ready that week as well. I can be ready in a half day. Can't you?


    1. oh Surely you jest!!! I hear you on the maintenance. . . but they don't run our districts. . . thank goodness. I can get in soon. I like to take several days while it's cool in the mornings because that air conditioning doesn't come on until the kids walk in the door! We also get a half day paid to do our rooms. . . it's a start, but it's surely not enough!

    2. Hah! You both made me laugh out loud :) We also get paid a half day for room set-up. Today was my first day back in my room... I'm pretty sure I spent a half-day sitting in a chair... staring around the room... pondering where to begin! Oh, I also spent 30 minutes sucking up spiders with a vacuumm. Ohhhh the joys of teaching!

      EduKate and Inspire

    3. Haha!! I think there are many people who are feeling the same way! How nice that you don't start until after Labor Day. It's always strange to start and then have a day off so soon. :) I'm having a great giveaway, I'd love you to check out!

      Second Grade Sparkle

  5. You're not alone. I can't get into the room until the week after next! I've only seen it once since I interviewed for the position in june! haha...I'll be co-teaching and the other teacher hasn't been able to get in either. The good thing is I'm sure we'll be able to tag team together and knock it out in a few days...when those days finally come! haha



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