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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What Comes Right After This Sale?

Are you ready? For Day Light Savings Time? For Spring? Yes, I'm sure you are, because they both are just around the corner.

But what I'm really asking is Are YOU Ready for the TPT Sale?

Are you filling up your wish list? Is your cart full already? 

If you answered no to any of those questions, all you need to do is to go to my  TPT  store and check out the many things that are on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, February 25th.

Thanks to Karen Jones for this cute graphic!
It's a very simple process to take advantage of this sale. Put all the things you want into your cart. Go to the Check Out. This is where you add the code word "heroes" (Minus the quotation marks!). And wa-la! Your discounted (28%) price will show up. 

And if you have any credits from previous purchases, you can use these to help pay for your things.
Are you wondering how you get these credits? Well, that's an easy one. Once you purchase your items, you'll be given a chance to give some constructive feedback to the seller. After you give this constructive and thoughtful feedback, you'll be awarded credits. 
You may be thinking, "well, I'd like to open it up, use it with my class before I give that feedback." That's a really great idea and is clearly acceptable. Just don't forget! YOU want those credits!

Ok, enough here, I'm going shopping. Have fun! I hope you find some cool things!

Monday, February 23, 2015

YOU are MY Hero!

Teachers are many things. We wear many hats. We speak many languages. We work many hours. 

But we do it because we choose to. We have not ever been told we HAD to become a teacher. 

We did it because it was a calling, a passion, something born within, or just a feeling. 

And in most cases, if we had a chance to do it over again, we would choose teaching again and again and again. 

To all of you that follow me and to any of you that are here for the first time, I want to applaud you. You as a teacher are here because you want to know more and you want to do it in the fastest, best, cheapest, and most effective way you can. 

Good! You should! You should do all of those things. 

To thank you for your passion, TPT has allowed us to have another sale in your honor. You are HEROES to me and to all those little people who walk through your door each day. You are held on high pedestals by the parents who let you teach and reach their children. 

On Wednesday, February 25th you will be able to get a total of 28% off from your purchases if you place the word HEROES as the code word at the end BEFORE you check out! Don't forget!

THEN after you look at your purchases, please remember to go back and leave some quality feedback. You earn credits that you can use on future purchases each time you leave feedback on something you've purchased.

My store will be on sale too. I have just created a new set of cards that will help your students improve their numeracy and number bonds. This is great for kinders, firsties, and second graders. They will be Super Heroes themselves for using their super powers to figure these out.

Click the picture above to go to this product.

These will also be on sale on Feb. 25th.
I hope you can find some things that will help you teach better, get through to your students better, and pass those dang standardized tests that are so wacky!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Leveled Valentine Passages

Do you know Elizabeth from Fun in Room 4B? She used to be a classroom teacher and focused a lot on math. Now she is teaching ESOL kids and she really wants to be sure that you know she has ventured out and making many other products. She was so kind to let me try out her Valentine Leveled Passages. And even though Valentine's Day is so near, you can still use these after the actual Valentine's Day. Or grab them for next year. 

Currently I am not working with ESOL kids (We call them ESL for English as a Secondary Language), but I am working with 2nd graders who are having trouble with reading. 
I wanted to see if this would work with other kids besides ESOL. I found out that it does!
There are 10 different leveled passages that can be used by a variety of grades. (Because we all know that within our own classes, we have a gap between our lowest and our highest readers!)

The levels range from Text Level A or Lexile -220 up to Text Level L/M or Lexile 500.

Elizabeth has given very clear lesson plans of how to use these for 3 days.

The first thing they do is read the passage.

 Then they have to search for vocabulary words and circle them with a specific color. This is a great skill to teach kids. They need to know how to skim what they read to look for information.  Because they have to color, this also helps kids who may be unsure of their color words.

(Let me stop here for a minute. This product comes in color pages and black & white. So you can save your color ink if you need to or you can use the color pages, laminate them, and use a visa-vi marker on them.)
When finished their paper looks like this with many colored circles around the vocabulary.
Another part of this product is the vocabulary cards with pictures. Great for helping those kids identify the words.

 This young fellow is looking at all the vocabulary words (without pictures) while I read the definition to him. Once he matches it up, I gave it to him to place beside the word.
There is another piece that helps them connect to the reading. They have questions to answer that they can find right in the text. (In the old days, we call those Right There questions!)

The last part asks them to use some of their own thoughts. "Why do you think? What would you like?" type questions. I love that part because it lets the student give their own thoughts that don't have to be RIGHT! 
The final part of this package is a game board to practice reading those vocabulary words. I ran out of time and didn't get a chance to try this out. 
(I don't work on Thursdays and we have this Friday and Monday off for Mid Winter break. but I'm not trying to rub that in to you. . . . much!)

But it sure looks like fun! 

If you are interested in grabbing this, it is on sale right now. . . HALF OFF!  You can get it for $2.00. That's it! (42 page$ for $2.00 i$ a ma$$ive $aving$!)

You can click here to go to her store.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Winners of Bundle of Readers

The Winners have been picked! I'm so excited and happy to share with you!
Beth, I will send your information to Maria Manore, and she will contact you with your PRIZE!

Tracy, Look in my store and find ANY 3 things that you like and then email me at pjrbar@charter.net. I'll send them right to you.

Thank you everyone for entering and following both Maria and myself. I hope you come back to visit again!

For all of those who didn't win, my store is on sale at 20% off everything all day today and tomorrow. I'm getting buried in an expected 15 inches of snow. There may not be school tomorrow. It's a great day to shop when you have a snow day.