Wednesday, November 22, 2023

You Too, Can Be a DJ Inker License Member!

 Have you ever thought about being a Commercial License Club Member with DJ Inkers? This is a LIFETIME membership. It's a one time fee that goes on forever . . . well. . . at least for YOUR lifetime!

Click on the picture above to go to the details of the membership.
Do you know what this membership means? 

I would love to share this with you.

I've been a member for a long time. . . I am not even sure how long. . .

 it's been that long!

DJ Inkers makes quality clipart and fonts. The clipart comes in color and black and white. They are easy to insert into your products. And boy do they look so fun and festive too!

 Looking to sell the fabulous creations you make with DJ Inkers clip art and fonts?  Check-out their lifetime commercial license with all kinds of perks!  You can sell on multiple websites and venues, enjoy a discount on ALL future purchases and get exclusive sales & freebies from our Commercial License Club emails!

They are a small family business, and they want YOUR small business to succeed.  When you join their Commercial License Club, you'll get a discount on EVERY future purchase with them!  Plus, they offer great customer support, bonus coupons, exclusive freebies & early access to sales!   
(Be sure to join their CL Club email list... and feel free to contact them with any questions you may have.)

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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Cause & Effect for 1st and 2nd Graders

 Do your students understand Cause and Effect? They might not know it by those words, but they certainly understand that if you drop a glass cup, it will break.

Do you use centers in your room? Or have an adult or helper in your room? This set of Cause & Effect cards would work great in centers or with a helper.

It's made in black and white, so you can print it on color paper and save on your color ink.

store post

You can get your own copy here.

But if you prefer to use colored ink, you can grab this set instead.

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You can get a copy of the colored set here.

Both sets have an Easel activity attached.

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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Ready for a Good Book During That First Week?


One of the first books I would read to my students on the first day of school was Amelia Bedelia. Oh how I loved that crazy lady. 

She helped us see that we all don't understand directions or common phrases. The students were great at predicting the outcome once they saw how she mixed things up. They loved telling me what she SHOULD have done instead. This shows them just how smart they are. 

So, if you're looking for a great book to read on those first few days of school, try Amelia Bedelia. Then continue to read the other books by Peggy Parish about Amelia Bedelia. You won't be disappointed.