Sunday, March 19, 2023

Are You Ready For More Problem Solving Ideas?

I want to share a few more products that are great for Problem Solving for your class. 

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Many teachers have had success with these worksheets as they don't take too much time, but they allow the student to think and work through the problem. There is another sheet that can be printed on the back that gives the students a place to draw a picture to help them solve the problem. There is also space where they can write an explanation of how they solved it. I hope you try it and see if you too like this.

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I made these task cards after watching my students struggle with the NWEA test. They didn't have enough exposure to questions like these in their daily workbooks. The charts were so unfamiliar to them. You can do these on the document camera as a problem of the day to help them learn how to answer these when they see them on a future test. 

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I always thought skip counting was fun. Once I saw the pattern, I had a lot of success with them. BUT. . . not everyone thinks they are so fun. And that might be because they don't know how to find that pattern. Use these on a document camera or independently in your class. I believe you will see good success with these. 

So now that you've had a chance to see more great ideas for Problem Solving, please remember to go vote to see who wins next. Just click the picture below to find out more information. 

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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Week 2 Voting Ends in a Few Hours


In just a few short hours, week 2 of our March Mathness will come to an end and voting time will be over. Then we will know which teams move on. Will it be the fractions or the geometry team? Will it be the problem solving team or the other math team? 

Your votes will be the deciding factor! 

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So, if you haven't headed over and checked out the blog posts yet, do so and pick up the freebies waiting for you. Then make sure you put in your vote!

(Button):Let's Vote: Fractions vs Geometry AND Problem Solving vs Other Math

(Link: https://www.ateacherswonderland.com/march-mathness/)

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we will be offering fraction resources, geometry resources, problem solving resources, and any other math resources on sale like we did last weekend. Some will be $5 on Friday, $3 on Saturday, and $1 on Sunday. Just enter #marchmathness in the TpT Search bar to find all the deals that "got game" or click on the image below

Image Link: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Browse/Search:%23marchmathness

Make sure you hurry though- the sale ends at midnight on Sunday and then there's nothing but net!

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Monday, March 13, 2023

March Mathness Fun Read About it and Then go Vote!

 I am joining several friends to share some great math resources for you during the month of March.  You will have a chance to grab some freebies, purchase some terrific math products at discounted prices, and even have the chance to win some TPT gift cards. YOU don't want to miss out on this. 

But for now, I want to share some great problem solving products for you. In fact, I hope you think these products are the best you've seen.  Then vote in the "tournament" for which math activity (which group) you enjoyed the most and at that time, when you vote, you'll be entered to win the $100 TpT gift card (that's the only way to be entered in the giveaway each time).

This first one helps your students organize their thoughts to show how they found the correct answers. With only 4 problems on a page, they won't get overwhelmed with too many to solve while they are still figuring out the process.

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This Valentine story problems are great for a center or small group work. Once they are printed and laminated and cut apart, the students can try to match up the story problem with the correct way to solve that problem . 

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What's the Equation lets your students try to find the equation that best answers the problem. There are 3 choices given that make them think and decide the best path to get the answer.
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And now for the best part. . . it's time to look at the others and see what they are sharing with you.

Click the button below to head over to where it all gets started! There you will find the teams and the links to their courts (math blog posts to vote on). The ball is in your court!

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And be sure that you grabbed this freebie now because in April it will no longer be free!