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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Two Weeks of Sales Day 8

 Today is Wednesday and this has to be my favorite day. I love things for only one dollar. And I think a lot of you do too. 

Students struggle with the spelling of OU and OW words. This set of word cards help them practice seeing which is the correct spelling for the picture. 

The Time, Money, and Measurement activity is for the teacher to practice with the students. The teacher will read a short story problem orally and the students can use their white boards or scrap paper to figure out the answer. Many of these questions come right off standardized tests. So this is a great way to get ready for those meaningful tests. 

You can find them in my store.

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These will still be on sale for $1.00 on Thursday. 

But also on Thursday you can enter to win one of two $275.00 TPT gift cards.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Two Weeks of Sales Day 7

 Today is not only Tuesday but it's also $2's-Day!

This set of graphing helps your students learn to read a graph and also how to make a graph using a spinner. 

As we all know kids need to understand and practice Cause and Effect a lot more. 

Big things like "if I steal this bike from my neighbor's yard, I will get in trouble," can be prevented if we teach children how to think ahead more often. 

You can find both of these in my store. 

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Come back tomorrow and Thursday for the $1.00 Deals!

Monday, July 25, 2022

Summer Sales Day 6

 This week offers more deals for you and your students. There is something for all grade levels. Each day will be different hashtags to search for. I feel confident that you will find lots of goodies!

On Monday you can get these two at half off. 

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To use the Mixed Up Stories, see the picture below. 

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Be sure to come back tomorrow and each day this week to see the specials! 

Hint: Tomorrow is $2.00 deals!