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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Instagram Giveaway

I'm working with some other Michigan teachers. We are giving away a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card. All you need to do is go to Instagram. Visit my page and like it. Then follow the directions listed below the picture.You will click the picture to find other people who have the same picture. Like their page and keep moving to the other teacher's pages.  When you get back to my page, then you are done. Look for this picture. 

If you're on your phone or Ipad, click Here to go to my Instagram. If you need to search for me, my name is 2nd_in_line.

Good luck! I hope you win!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Have You Seen The Techie-Teacher?

Last week I had the privilege of meeting Julie Smith. She is The Techie-Teacher. She had just moved to Michigan from Virginia (I think!). I connected with her right away and I know if we lived closer, we could be great friends.  (We can still be great friends . . . just spread farther away in distance!)

She shared a blog post with me and I felt that I just had to share it with you too. It's perfect for this time of year. She uses technology to help her teach (thus the name of her blog!) but also to help connect with her students. I hope that you will read all about her suggestions here, and leave her a comment or start following her too. I am fairly certain you will love her too. . 
Julie is on the left, then Tricia from Tricias Terrific Teaching Trinkets, and Jamie from The Mitten State Teacher store.

Take it away Miss Julie: click HERE.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

TPT Sale

That's right! You have one more day to shop with many things on sale! 

And if you need some money to help you shop, be sure to go to your purchases on TPT and leave feedback for anything you have purchased from me. When you leave that feedback, be sure to leave your email address too. I'll pick one winner on Monday morning at 9:00 am est. So be ready to check your email to see if you won some extra shopping money!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Win a TPT $10.00 Gift Card

You could win a $10.00 gift card for TPT by leaving some feedback on any purchases from my store. If you're not sure how to do that. . . go to your TPT and click on the dropdown menu. Look for the words MY PURCHASES. Then under the words Paid Purchases, there is another dropdown menu. Open it until it says needs feedback. Scroll through these to find the things you bought from me. Leave feedback AND your email address. I will pick one random winner on Monday morning at 9:00 am est. I hope you win!

Friday, August 12, 2016

3 Great Books to Read Aloud to Your Students

As the new school year gets underway, many teachers are looking for a good chapter book to read to their students. I'd like to share some of the books my 2nd graders enjoyed (and I did too!).

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.  Any purchases made through one of my links earns me a small commission, which helps to support the blog so I can continue sharing content like this with you.  All views and opinions expressed are purely my own.

The first one is called The Buddy Files, by Dori Hillestad Butler.

 This is a series of books with the first one being titled The Case of the Lost Boy. In this story, a dog is looking for his owner. The book is written from the dog's perspective, which proves to be kind of funny and also a lesson on teaching kids about the main character's perspective. This mystery takes the students through the neighborhood looking for clues about the missing owner. I loved this book and I'm sure the rest of the series would also follow along as good reads or read alouds for your students. 

The second book is called Lulu Walks the Dogs by Judith Viorst.

In this book, Lulu wants to make some money and walking dogs seems to be a good way to do it.   Lulu is a strong willed character who many of your students can connect to. She is loud, rude, and very obstinate! It is written by Judith Viorst. . . and who doesn't love this author! 

The last book I'm going to share today is Sideways Stories from Wayside School.It is written by Louis Sachar who used to be a lawyer, but had more fun writing books. (I would too!)

This school was supposed to be 30 classrooms on one floor. But the builder got mixed up and it's 30 stories with one floor on each story. There are 30 short chapters in this book, each one telling about a particular student in the class that meets on the 30th floor. I loved this book for the humor and because I can read it when you have just a few minutes in between activities. I. LOVE. THAT!

If you'd like to find out more any of those books, just click on the book picture. I know you and your students will love them!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Custom Name Tags

Do you look at other classrooms and wish that you could have personalized things? But you don't  know how to make them or don't want to make them? 

I can help you.
I will make your name tags for your classroom.  They can be for the lockers, desks, white boards for attendance & lunch count, or whatever your needs are. 

Once you buy them, we will talk through emails. You can decide the colors, size, and design. Below are a few of the samples. In my store, you can see more samples, by looking here

In fact if you're looking for something that isn't in my samples, just let me know, and I'll see what I can come up with.

When you purchase these, I will honor them for one school year. That means, if you get a new student, I will make you a new one anytime during this school year.

If during the year, you decide that you'd like a second set with a different design. . . all you have to do is buy a 2nd license at half price and I'll make them for you too.  

I hope you'll take me up on this and let me help you make your room look awesome!

Monday, August 8, 2016

DJ Inker Winner Announced

Thank you everyone for entering my give away. I hope that you love what you see from DJ Inkers and that you visit my blog again for more fun and learning. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Last Day to Enter to Win a DJ Inker CD Full of Clip Art

Today IS the last day to enter my rafflecopter to win a DJ Inkers CD or Download. You have until midnight tonight eastern standard time.  Click HERE to go right to the link. There is also a freebie there that won't be there next week. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

You Could Win a DJ Inker CD!

Have you ever heard of Kidillywinks?
It sounds like a game, 
but it's actually the name of some darling clipart from DJ Inkers. 

Have you seen their new website?
 It's easy to navigate. 
You can see it by clicking HERE.

click the picture above to go to DJ Inkers

It has over 400 pieces of cute clipart in color and black & white. There are also 3 fonts that are included in it. 

 This is on sale until August 3rd! 
So grab it now!
YOU could win a set if you keep reading!

I decided to create something fun for my younger followers. This was created with clipart from only Kiddlywinks.

It's perfect for Kindergarteners or even preschoolers.

This set is free in my store. Click HERE to grab it! 

It is a set made with only color pictures. There are 3 pictures for each counting pattern. 
(Counting by ones: 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, and  counting by tens: 10-100.)

The teacher laminates the pages first, 
then cuts the horizontal strips apart.

The colors aren't right on this picture because my color ink is running out!

Each puzzle is placed in an envelope with the counting patterned labeled on it. 

This is a fun way for your students to practice reading numbers, putting things in order, and checking to see if the picture looks right. 

I also have another set of these puzzles for sale in my store,  that has 5 different pictures of each counting pattern and there is a black & white set that can be printed on colored tag or paper.

Click the picture to go to my store to find the color and b/w set.

Would you like to win a set of this clipart and fonts? You could win either a download or a CD. . . it's your choice!
All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below. The winner will be announced and contacted on August 9th. 

I hope you enter and even more importantly. . . 
I hope you WIN!

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