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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Free the lambs! No I mean FREE Lambs!

I am still up! Yes, it's past 11:00 and I'm stuck in my computer chair! Somebody come and get me out of here!
My husband is in bed so he can't help me. . . .

I guess I'll just finish this one more thing and then I'll go to bed.
Do you say that?

And do you finish just that one thing?

Ya right, I didn't think so!

I remade a freebie that I posted earlier, but now it's in my TPT Store.

You'll love this . . . I added a bit to it and . . ..  It's still FREE!

There is nothing better than FREE. . . well, maybe a McDonald's Diet Coke, that's a bit better than FREE!

Raise your hand if you are one of those addicts like I am. . .

yup, 1, . . . . 2. . .. . .3. . . . ya, I see ya all out there with your hand slightly raised.


I have to admit something else besides my addictions. . . My tpt store is pretty flat.
I mean I'm just not selling. . . so I've been thinkin and thinkin. . .

Then tonight I read over their TPT manual to see if there was something more I could do to boost my sales.
They said I should give something away for FREE! I like to be obedient and to follow the rules. So here's your FREE! But you do need to go to my store and look for the Subtraction With and Without Regrouping Lambs. They are pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. You already know that I'm addicted to Diet Coke, well, I'm also addicted to DJ Inkers. This activity plus a few more that I've added are created with those cutsy pictures.

Do me a favor, go on over to my store HERE, and just take a look around. Then if you do pick up something, be sure to leave me a good comment. And if you'd like to be "in like Flint" on the upcoming items, sign up to be one of my followers.

P.S. (added this morning) I did finally go to bed at 12:30. . . what in the BEEP am I going to do next week when I have to get up to an alarm clock and be out the door by 7:30?

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  1. My school day STARTS at 7:35. What am I going to do?!

    PS- Diet Coke from McD's is AWEEEESOOOOME!



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