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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Multiplying with Pictures

A while ago I made this multiplication activity with task cards. I have updated it, and added black and white copies for those who can't copy in color. I've used DJ Inkers for my clipart and fonts for this. You can check them out and other specials at

That's weird. . . when I tested that link, it says "Smiles to you , Patty Rutenbar" Do all of you see that when you click on it? I don't know how to get rid of it. I'm not logged in to it, so I'm puzzled by that! Let me know what you see!

For my second graders who have to start mulitiplication, they need to see pictures to help them see the process. You may have 3rd, 4th or even special education students who might benefit from this. There are task cards, a recording sheet, and an answer key. This is self checking so it can easily be put into a center. You could also use it as a scoot game.

By the way, my kids have LOVED playing scoot. I'm not sure who made that game up, but it is a great way to review a topic by moving around and being able to be a little noisy! Who doesn't love that?

I  hope that you take a peek at this in my TPT store. Here's what one of the pages looks like:

Many of you have been very gracious to show your pictures of your rooms. I am still in the process of getting everything finished. We don't start until the day after Labor Day and then it's just a half day! Whew! That's long enough for the first day. Do you also have half days on the first day?

But when I get done, and feel brave enough, maybe I'll share some of it with you. . . Maybe!

I have seen my class list. Right now I have 24 students. So does the class across the hall, but the other 2nd grades in the other buildings have 26 or 27. . . what does that tell you? That every new kid from now until whenever will be put in our rooms!

I've heard someone on here talk about the things we don't know about a student before they come into our classroom and how we need to accept, love, encourage no matter what. I have one of those . . . and yes, I know about her already. I will call her B. B has been living (court ordered) with Gramma and Grampa. The court has allowed her to go back to mom. Dad of B is in prison in Michigan. Dad of B's brother is in prison in Indiana.  And she just moved back to our state after living some place else. She was previously in our district for kinder. That's a huge amount of stress and disorder for one little 7 year old little lady.

So when you pray for all the little ones of the world who need it, I know that this little B will be included in your prayers.


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  1. Mine says "Smiles to you, Christina Bainbridge". Weird.

    The things our kiddos deal with in St. Joe County amazes me. B's got a great teacher to love and care for her!



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