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Sunday, August 12, 2012

My store is 20% off too!

I'm a little late on the uptake. . . I have watched all of you get ready for this sale this weekend, and I just felt that I didn't have anything cool to sell. So I didn't jump on the bandwagon.

Then yesterday the DJ Inker license came through and all of a sudden I felt ready to go!  I put a couple new activities in there with their clip art.

Today I have marked everything down 20% for just today and tomorrow. And if I'm correct I think you just have to put the code BTS12 in the code at the check out and you'll get about 10% more off.

Ya can't beat that can you!

Here's some pictures of the things I posted.

 This is addition with and without regrouping.
 This is contraction spellings.
And this is Plural spellings.

I know you have a ton of things to look at today and tomorrow. I would love it if you would go over and check it out. I won't tell your husband how much you're spending if you don't tell mine!

Tomorrow we're taking off for a few days to the East side of the state. I'm looking forward to seeing the sunrise over Lake Huron!
I will miss you all, (but I am taking my ipad, so I can keep up a little. .. .Just like Holly, it's hard to stay away from the outside world even when you're on vacay!)


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