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Monday, August 20, 2012

Do I need a silent E or don't I?

When kids are learning to spell words, sometimes they just throw that old silent e on the end because they think that's what you're supposed to do.

Oh no you don't!

It just shows that they haven't learned the rules yet and they haven't become familiar with how the word should look.

These cards will help them practice identifying whether an e should go there or not. The words match the cutsie pictures from DJ Inkers clipart.  And that makes it easier for them to figure out the word if they are beginning readers.

I have included a recording sheet and answer key in case you want to put this in a center. But you could easily use it in a small group verbally. This might even be good for when you have a parent who wants to help some kids.  I think I've kept this simple enough that many first (and some of your stinkin smart Kinders!) could do this activity. I only made it in color because if you print and laminate it, the color just pops so much more than black and white.
Here's what one of the pages looks like.

If you'd like to get them click on Silent E or Not

I like to keep them small, but not too small so that you don't have to do a ton of cutting. As you may have noticed, I tend to use the same size cards that are easier for me to cut out with a cutter or my scissors.  I think they are easier for the students to handle and for me to store, too.

If you remember I found these cute little boxes at Walmart and I became obsessed. . .

So seriously obsessed with them. They fit my stuff and most of the ones I've picked up from you, too!  Easy for the kids to open and close. . .

 How many of your kids can't zip the bags?

And it's so much easier than the slippery zip lock bags that are hard to organize.

 I'm just hoping that in a few weeks Walmart will deliver a box to our store with left overs that don't sell and they'll have a zillion of these little things in them! Does your Walmart do that to you? Deliver left overs? Ours is so helpful. They have given us tons of Elmers glue bottles, pens, notebooks (The U of M ones, because WHO wants to buy those!!! heee heee! Big State fan here, sorry!) scissors, and plenty of other stuff.

As Farley would say. . . SQUIRREL!

Back on track again. I know that many of you are back in school today either with our without kids. . . I'm with ya in spirit. Next Tuesday is my first day back. So I'm really trying to absorb these last few days of summer. (and here I sit at my computer! duh! Get outside!)


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