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Sunday, March 4, 2018

March Into More Fun!

A lot has happened since I last wrote. How does time fly so fast? 

First and most important is that I have a new grandson. He was born just hours after I got off the plane! I am so glad I was able to be there with my daughter at this time. Kyler Quincy was born on Feb. 1st and is perfect in every way!

My granddaughter Kennedy is thrilled to be a big sister now. 

Yes, they are both Happy Dudes!

My 3 other grandchildren keep me busy right at home. I am very fortunate to have such great kids that I can call mine!

My granddaughter's school is decorating their doors for March is Reading month. Their theme is Kindness. So I picked this one to do for their door. 
She is the Queen of Duck Faces!

The little Kindergarteners that I work with are trying to learn their sight words. So I started with the Pre Primer list. I made them on shamrocks and printed them on green paper.  They take turns trying to read these words. If they can say the word, they can hold the card. I would love to share these with you. If you click HERE you can also grab them. I hope you like them and that they work for you. 

I just added two sets that will help kinders, first and second graders with adding. They roll 2 dice, add them together and then find their answer. It might be to find the 10 frame. 

or the words to the number

Or the actual number for the answer. 

When you get 5 in a row, you win! 
These are on sale until Monday March 5th at my bedtime. They are half off! That's a great deal. 
You can get them in black and white so you can print them on colored paper.

Or you can get them in color so the colors themselves pop!

I hope you find something to make your March more fun and academic!