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Monday, February 25, 2019

Tick Tock! Sale Time!

That's right! It's time for a big sale on Teachers Pay Teachers.
Everything in my store will be on sale and if you enter the code word ticktock when you checkout, you'll get 25% off your purchase. 

Plus you can cash in those credits to take money off your total too. In case you need to know how to find your credits, you can click here. It shows you how to leave feedback for each purchase and how to find the things that need feedback. All that really pays off!

A couple of my newest products may be something
 you'll want to take a closer look at. 
Click the picture to go to this product in my store. 
 Both the 3 digit and the 4 digit sets have expanded forms to read also. 
Click the picture to go to my this product in my store.
Click this picture to go to this product in my store. 

Sunday, February 24, 2019

March Is Reading Month Decorations on Display

Does your school do something fun for March is Reading Month? We try to spruce up our building after a long winter and give the students a surprising look. 

We decorate on a Sunday, so when the students come in on Monday morning they are very surprised with all the fun stuff hanging everywhere!

We choose a theme each year. Teachers then decorate their doors and the rest of the building to fit that theme. The kids love it and so do all the staff. 
I'm going to do a repost so you can see what we did one year. Click here to see and read more about it. 

Thursday, February 21, 2019

More Reading Fun With a Free Calendar

March is truly around the corner. 
That means only one thing. . . Spring is coming too!! 
We still have snow on the ground in Michigan and I know many other states do too. But once March rolls in, it's a promise that a change is coming. 

Are you getting ready for March is reading month? If so I have a free calendar with activities that your students can do at home during the month. 

I've included a list of some prizes they can earn for completing this calendar. But if you don't want to do those prizes, feel free to white that part out when you copy it. Some teachers just give a free book if they complete a certain percentage of those items.

This also has a Spanish version attached. We print them on front and back (English/Spanish) so that those families that need it can easily see it. 
You can grab it in my TPT store.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How to Update Purchases & Find Out if You Need to Leave Feedback

If you have some down time. . ya right! ha ha ha!
 Down time! What's that!

I have something you could do! I just spent about a half hour going through my TPT purchases. I updated any that had new revisions, and I also left feedback for things I somehow forgot to leave feedback for. 

First you need to go to your page on TPT. That's when you click on your own name that is in bold print. There you will see this picture. 

When you click on My Purchases, you'll then see Paid Purchases and Free Downloads. 

I checked in my paid purchases and in my free downloads too. Both of those areas have ways to check for recent revisions, and feedback that needs to be provided. 
You might be thinking. . . why do I need to leave feedback? 

Well the first reason is that it's a kind and considerate thing to do. Your mama certainly taught you to use your manners, and this is a great chance to show your mama that you were listening! 
The second reason is because you get credits for leaving feedback on paid items. Those credits add up to $$ off your next purchase.  Now you don't get credits for leaving feedback on free things, but it really does help the seller know how you feel about the product and it is just plain good manners. . . remember what your mama taught you!!

It's not that hard to do was it?  Now doesn't that feel better?
I hope that helps you find some extra credits so you can go shopping sometime!