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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

It's a Freebie Time for Your Halloween Celebrations!

I have a deal for you. . . 
I mean a really BIG DEAL!
DJ Inkers took 5 phrases that I asked for and made them look wonderfully cute! 
Not only did they make them for me . . . 
But I get to give these phrases away to you. . . 

I love all of my followers and this is a great way to pay you back for giving me so much support. 

The 5 phrases are:

Click on any of the words above to see the DJ font that was used to create that phrase!  (Links send you to DJ Inkers where you can buy the font.)

See the decorated samples below.

Keep reading to see the link to grab this freebie.

Not only will you get them in color, but I'll also give them to you in black and white too. What a deal! I told you it was good!

But What About The DJ Inker License?
You might be asking yourself. . . 

Well, some of you might remember that you need to have a license if you want to sell things using a DJ Inker clipart of font. There is some great news on that topic too.  

Another GREAT DEAL! Just click here to read more about it. In a nutshell, they are now offering a one time Lifetime license fee. . . ONE TIME! That's it. No more having to remember to pay each year. 

This license will allow YOU (the purchaser) to design & sell projects to customers that will be the end user of the product. You may NOT sell your designs to a company or another individual seller for any reason. 

If you have purchased licenses before they will work with you so that you can prorate your already purchased license to go towards your lifetime license.  Win Win!

They also made their terms of use much easier to follow. 

You MUST display your license # on all product descriptions, & give visible credit to DJ Inkers for graphics &/or fonts used somewhere on your project. 

As your week is about to look crazier and crazier, I want to give you a little fun to help calm your nerves. Thanks for being a great follower and loving DJ Inkers. 

If you'd like the clipart phrases mentioned above, 

just click this link below and you'll be able to download them yourself and use them. 

P.S. If you want to keep up to date with DJ Inkers, just sign up for their newsletter and you'll be getting happiness in your emails! Click here to sign up for the newsletter