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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Love From YOU and My Family

I wish I could thank each and everyone of you 17,705 people who downloaded my freebie that was in the newsletter! 

I was woken up last Sunday morning by lots of chimes on my phone  that stood for each comment that was being left. I could not figure out who was leaving comments that early on a Sunday morning. 

Then I guess I woke up enough to wonder if I had made the newsletter! And Wa La I did! What a rush that is! Have you ever had a freebie or a paid item listed there? It's a very nice feeling. 

As the day and days that followed grew, so did the number of downloads and comments. In total I had 179 comments. And while that's a long way from the total number of downloads. . . it is ALRIGHT with me. I couldn't imagine reading 17,705 comments!

Not only did I get those comments, but I also got about 60 more followers on my store. I love you all! I sure hope I can continue to make you happy and stick around to see what else I can produce and share with you here on my blog. 

This past week was my birthday. It was the worst! I was very sick with a sinus infection and I still don't think I'm over it yet. The other part that made it yucky was that my mom wasn't here to send me a card or give me a call. But I got over that. I know she's thinking of me just as much as I'm thinking of her. And on the following day, my dad finally realized that he had forgotten my birthday, so he gave me a nice phone call. I can imagine that it's hard for him too. He can't possibly send out all the cards that mom did. 

My family gave me this Origami Owl necklace. All of the symbols in it represent my mom.  It may be hard to see, but there is a gold plate that says love in the background. PG3002

Then there is a heart that says MOM, CH6014 

a green stone for MSU,
a cardinal because she really liked those birds and others, CH1015
a computer because that is one way we communicated,  CH1624 a turtle
(she loved them!), 
a sewing machine because she made pj's and blankets for all the kids,  CH1622 
and an angel's wings because she is in heaven now.   Double Wing in Gold
 I love this. It's a beautiful memory of all that my mother 
found joy in. My family is awesome.

The day after my birthday is my mom and dad's anniversary. This year was to be the big one. 70 years.  Yup that's what I said, 70 years. They were married in 1943! Dad said he met her in December and married her in October. That's a quick engagement in my book! But hey, it lasted for just 2 months short of 70 years! 

Last week I told you to come back again to learn more about SitSpots and possibly win a class set of them. I'm holding true to that promise. I will probably have it all ready later this week. So watch and return please!



  1. Congrats on making the newsletter and happy belated birthday! I for one think that birthdays are kind of a big deal. :) Love the necklace, what a sweet way to remember your mom! She sounds like she was a very special lady.

  2. Congrats on all of the downloads and feedback! That's so exciting. Happy belated birthday! Your necklace is so sweet-- very thoughtful of your family! Hope you feel better soon. Have a great week!


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