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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thankful for YOU!

This year has been a year of many highs and some deep lows. But through it ALL, You have been there for me. You're the ones I look to first thing in the morning when I'm eating my cereal and the last thing I read before I go to bed at night. And if there were such a thing as "time during the day," I just might be looking here for you then, too! 

This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving with our students by eating all together in the gym at the same time. We invite the school board members, volunteers, and other important people in our town. We have the food in bowls and "have some and pass it," just like you do at home. 

I am thankful for my family who supports me through laughter, and hugs. My children make me so very proud. Their spouses are perfect for them and assure me that life will be wonderful together. My grand daughter makes me giggle down to my toes and I know with each other grandchild added to our family my love for them will only grow. 

My husband is my rock. He holds our family together even on days when I stay too late at school. He understands. .. well he may not understand but he goes along with it! (He's a high school teacher and they just don't do things the way we little people teachers do!)

Now. . . . if you're still here reading, I have a special surprise for you. I made a last minute math activity. My kids need to know how to look at a number and know the words that make up that number. (for example: 41 = forty-one, not four-one or fourteen)

In honor of my baby turning 29 on Wednesday, I would like to give you a set of these. Please leave me your email with a comment below and I'll send you a copy on Wednesday evening. This give away ends at 9:00 on Wednesday night.

I'm so sorry you missed this opportunity for a freebie! But you can still get a set for yourself at my TPT Store.



  1. This looks great for my 2nd graders! I enjoy following you on bloglovin. Thanks!

  2. Ohhhh, this would be brilliant for my first graders! So many of them recognize numbers but not in written form. So perfect!!

  3. These look so cute. I know my students would love using them. I am Thankful for teachers like you that are so willing to share their wonderful talents.

  4. Oh, this is perfect for my kids!

  5. Great review for 2nd grade! Thank you!

  6. Wow... great post, Patty! I'm thankful that we met IRL this summer ... and for your continued encouragement and support. Happy Thanksgiving from TX!


  7. This is awesome! Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

  8. Thank you! Looks great!

  9. Happy birthday to your baby! This unit looks great!

  10. Happy birthday! This looks awesome!

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