Monday, November 11, 2013

SitSpots. . . What ARE They? You could win some!

Do your students struggle with lining up and not being too squished or not know where to line up? Do their lines squiggle and go every which way? Do you have carpeting in your classroom?

Then you just might like SitSpots.

Joyce from SitSpots was delighted to share what her company is all about. She knows that many of us spend too much money on fancy carpets so we can graph students. She's convinced me and several of my friends that using SitSpots is a much easier and cheaper way to show kids where to line up or sit. 

You can use it to help your students sit so they are separated better, or to make a graph, or to be sure everyone has a place to sit. 
You can even write their names, numbers, or words on them.

I asked these students to spread out their feet a little so you could see the spots on the floor. If I hadn't asked them to do this, then you wouldn't have seen the dots!

When the spots are spaced apart from each other, the students know where to stand so they don't bunch all up together.

 Our kinders could not figure out how to line up unless it was a straight line. In this teacher's room she didn't have space for a straight line, so SitSpots came to her rescue. She took her line down and around the carpet and then around the last table. Now her kids know where to stand when they are supposed to line up.
 These are a great size too.

I'm trying to give you a perspective on the size!
They come in many shapes and colors. 
 They are stuck to the carpeting because they are made like velcro. The vacuum can go right over them and they won't move. But you can peel them up when ever you want to if you want to move them to someplace else.
 This shows you what they look like underneath!

  • Offer every child an individualized place, spot, or marker to sit on during carpet/calendar time
  • Are colorful shapes made from a velcro type material that attach securely to carpets without glues or adhesives, and will not peel, shift, or lift
  • Cost $1.99 each - much less than expensive area rugs
  • Attach to all commercial/industrial grade carpets that are commonly used in public schools, buildings, pre-schools, churches, etc


  1. These are AWESOME! I love all of them but I think I like the apples and circles the best! Thanks for the opportunity to win some! :o)

  2. These look amazing! There are so many that I like, but I think my favorites are the puffy stars. Thank you and SitSpots for the opportunity to win!

  3. I LOVE the puffy stars one :)

    Great giveaway!

    Mindful Rambles

  4. I have never seen these before. What a great idea! Love them! :)


  5. I really like the circles. These are so fun. I would Love to have a set!

  6. I really like the circles. These are so fun. I would Love to have a set!


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