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Monday, July 22, 2013

Destruction in a Bathroom. . enter at your own risk!

Today is a day of destruction. . . 

In my bathroom at least. . . . I will show you what it looks like, 
but you MUST promise not to judge!

Seriously! You may not do any shaking of your head, or tsk tsk tsking with your tongue!

Ok, here goes. This is what my bathroom looks 
looked like this morning.
Yup, you are seeing it right. . . that's a purple tub. We used to have a purple sink and toilet too, but we've replaced them over the years.
 Now this next part is the gross stuff. . . 
Are you ready?  
Grab your nose and hold your breath!

 Look at all that mold around where the faucets were!
Gross! Yuck! Pew! Icky!
This is a cast iron tub and it will take a lot of strong burly men to hoist it out of here. Come back tomorrow to see those strong men! Maybe they'll take off their shirts. . . no wait, I don't think I want them to do that! I've seen my construction men. .  they aren't the kind you see on the cool commercials!
More sickness!
 That mold and wet rotten floors are bugging me. 
I know we are clean people, but we seriously didn't know the shower was leaking that kind of a mess. 
This is the final picture for today. All tidied up and ready for a rest. Tomorrow the tub comes out and they'll begin working on the new up to date plumbing. 

Can you imagine new tiling on the wall and a tile floor? That's the plan. Now if you can just invision that until we get more work done, you won't have nightmares tonight!

Like I said, please don't judge me. I have mold, not a bad amount but some. . . we'll get rid of it. Do you have some? Are you sure? 
You may not know until you pull out the walls and the floors and really check.  



  1. Oh, I so want to redo our bathroom! Are you doing it yourselves? I'm sure we have stuff in there that I don't even want to think about!! It's going to be so nice for you when it is done!

    1. Sara, I've waited a long time to do this. . . and while I'm excited. . I'm better off leaving the house while it's being done. (We have hired a friend who does construction for a living. And he loves to pay attention to details and making it right!) The noise and crashes that I hear if I stay here, worry me. . . so I leave and do something besides sitting here. Today I picked out the vanity, sink, mirror, and lights. It is exciting! I'll post finished pictures when I'm done.

  2. It's never easy to detect a mold attack! The moment you notice it, the mold is already everywhere in your bathroom. That's why we have to keep our bathroom's moisture-free. Check the plumbing system and see if there are any leaks and fix them soon as possible. Having a window that lets natural light inside can also be a big help in keeping a bathroom dry. It's much easier to prevent mold than to remove it.

    -Sabrina Benson @ DocAir

  3. Hi Patty! I just found your blog! Good for you with the bathroom job. WOW - it will be so nice! In our old house, there was an ORANGE sink and toilet/ and green tub... when we first moved in I said we would change it right away...5 years later- I convinced myself that I actually loved it. ;( haha. sad.
    I'd love to you stop over to my blog if you get a chance!
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