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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sneak Peak and Bathroom Update

A rainy day in Michigan. . . what are ya going to do? Well, you could clean a room. . . Nah!
You could clean a closet. . . heck no!
You could go to lunch with friends. . .yes ma'am!
You could make a new activity. . . absolutely!
I'll give you a sneak peak. . . ..

I should be able to finish this and get it up to my store later tonight. . . .  

But. . . my husband wants to paint the bathroom when he gets home from golfing. . . so I may not get it completely done. 

Remember the bathroom remodel? You can click on that link to refresh your memory. 

Here's a couple pictures of what it looks like today. 
 This is the new tile on the south wall. There's a little mosaic across the top. Tomorrow he'll finish the top. (that's why it looks crummy up there!)
 This is the middle and the north end of the tub. The niche in the wall will be tiled tomorrow also.
This is the tub with the floor showing. I am a long way from my froo froo purple bathroom that I used to have and I am SO glad! This looks great in person. . . not sure if you get the full effect from the pictures. My builder pays very close attention to details and everything looks perfect!

Stay tuned!


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