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Monday, July 29, 2013

Gina's Blog Birthday Celebration

Summer is melting. . . melting. . . melting away. For many of you, school starts this coming week or next. Here in Michigan we can't go back until after Labor Day. 
(It's the law!)
The Count down app on my phone says I have 5 weeks left. That doesn't count the week before that we have 3 days of inservice, or the days before that we will be working in our rooms on our own time. (Why is it that it takes elementary teachers a couple weeks to get ready, and high school teachers just walk in the first day and they are ready?) 

Since my parents have been a huge part of my summer, I feel that I haven't done as much as I would like to have done with my blog. BUT, I wouldn't trade that time with them for anything. 

I'm home now for at least a week, while my other siblings take some shifts to be up there with them. So now, I can make some progress with this blog and my store. 
Plus that bathroom remodel. I'm not ready to show you any updates, yet. But I can tell you the new tub is in and it's 5 inches deeper than the old purple one! 

Do you know Gina Szczodrowski  from thirdgradetidbits

She is over the moon with celebrating her blog's birthday. What's a celebration without a little fun give away? 

You can click on that picture above to go to her page on today and enter to win. She will have new prizes each day for a week. But here's the fun part. . . If you forget to enter on today, you'll have time to enter on Tuesday, even though Tuesday's prizes are visible . . .But if you come back on Wednesday, you won't be able to register for Monday's. . . . do you get it? You get two days for each day to enter.

I'm giving something away on Monday. So if you're a fan of mine, and you've been wanting one of my thingies, you can enter to win this below.

and if you like that you might want to pick up the companion to this which is: 

Just click on the picture above to see it in my TPT store.

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  1. I wish we had that law in Oregon...we start back August 19th for teachers and 26th for kids...I'm not ready for summer to end and only have read 2 of the summer reads on my list...ugh high hopes.


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