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Monday, July 8, 2013

Guess What I've Been Doing for a Week?


What's that? I certainly haven't done it for a week!

You see I went to Houston to visit my daughter and her husband. From there we visited San Antonio and the River Walk. .. and of course we had to "Remember the Alamo!"

If you've never been to the River Walk, and you get anywhere near there, you really should go and take the boat tour to hear the history of the city. It's an amazing thing to see. 

We also went to the a water park called Corp Logo Color Hi JPG
It's been said that they are the BEST in the Nation. . . I just might have to agree, since I've only been to a couple other water parks in the nation!

Then we went to a wedding of a young lady that my daughter teaches with. I was able to meet many of the other teachers who she works with. What a rush that was . . . 
to hear what they think of her and to hear how they respect her. 

Sure made this mamma pretty proud! 

I need to give a shout out to Amber, Cecilia
Oscar,and Ashley.

Before we went on our vacation, I was able to help Christina Bainbridge (I know you ALL know her!) plan our Michigan Meet Up.  We had 12 people come to P.F. Changs for lots of good food, talking, laughter, and good old fashioned teacher talk!

If you know any of these faces you are an avid blogger. . . but just in case, here are the names and their blog names in case you want some new fabulous people to follow.

These were the bloggers that were there:

Holly Wasilewski- (there in spirit)

Betsy Leatherman- Kelly's mom!  :)

Then while I was in Houston I got another chance to meet a fellow blogger. Her name is Barbara Gruener.
 She has a blog called The Corner on Character. 
She is a counselor in several schools in the Friendswood area. 
She is amazing and it was so special that we got to 
share some time together. 
We found that we have a lot of things in common! 

We liked what these posters said. 
They were there for the Coffee and Yogurt shop we were in, 
but we also felt they stood for most teachers also!
Do you agree?

Now, One last thing before I need to get away from here! Tamara Russell is having a Blogversary Celebration for each day this week.  As you can see there are some awesome prizes there. . . plus each day she has a Flash Freebie (for a short amount of time) and a Forever Freebie (which is as it says,  is Forever!)

Just click on the pictures to go to Tamara's Blog.

My item will be listed on Thursday and Friday. 
Be sure to come back each of these days to enter! 

Good luck!

If you come back tomorrow, 
I'm going to really get out of my comfort zone. . . 
Thanks to that dastardly Christina that I mentioned above! 
She is MAKING me do this and she knows 
how weak I am in this area. 
She is having a Linky Party about the piles. . . 
the PILES of school stuff you have in your house. . . 
Of all the nerve! I hate, absolutely HATE to show people my messes. . . there is just somethings that are private! 

But I am bending over for her to show you my junk. .  but you have to come back tomorrow. I am not showing you tonight!


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