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Friday, July 12, 2013

Feedback Linky. . . Did you buy something from me?

Did ya notice? 

I've actively blogged for 4 days in a row! 

FOUR in a Row! 

That is just redunkulous!

I guess that's what summer is all about!

Thanks for coming back today to see about That Time Of The Month. . . 

Time for Christina's Fabulous Feedback Linky Party.

You see, we have been watching the things that you say in your feedback that you give us after you download a freebie or buy a product.

We love to hear good constructive comments. Sometimes a "Thank You!" is just fine. But other times, when you say more than that, we can get a better idea of how we are doing.

Here are the two picks that I felt very special about. Read them and maybe the next time you pick up one of our products, maybe you'll be chosen as the winner!

Oh and the best part! If these two buyers see this post and 
contact me at, 
they get to choose ANYTHING from my store for FREE! 
Yep, that's it! For FREE!

So if you know one of these girls, please let them know. 
And then go back to Christina's Blog and see who else is leaving some good feedback. . . 
it could be YOU!

You can check out the FREE Take Home Journal here.

You can check out the Eggstra Value activity here.

Feedback pictures have clipart from Ashley Hughes at the School Supply Addict.

I hope I hear from Jody or Sleepiedrea. . . 
I want them to be a winner!


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  1. Hi Patty!! I'm now your newest follower!! What a cute idea for a post!! I'm definitely going to check out the take home journal as well!! So excited to meet you!

    All Things Apple in 2nd


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