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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blog Ettiquette

I want to share with you a blog post that all of us need to read every once in a while. Christina Bainbridge wrote a long but very important post today about blogging and creating things for TPT or Teacher's Notebook. 

I know that I had to ask a lot of questions from others when I first started blogging and thankfully they were all very helpful. But some people aren't asking the questions and they are making some strong errors in their adventures of blogging. 

I would encourage you to jump over to Christina's blog and read it now. And if you have questions, please feel free to ask her or come back and ask me. We aren't meanies! We just want the blogging world to be a fair place with people who like to play well together. 

And I will add one piece of my mind right now. 

I make several freebies to give out to anyone who wants them. There is no strings attached and you get to use it for yourself and your students. I just hope that you love it and your kiddos really learn from it. 

However, don't we work hard to teach our students to be polite? Don't we insist that our own families learn to say "please and thank you?" Wouldn't you expect that from your coworkers? 

When I look at my stats, I can see how many people downloaded my freebies. For example, right now my Take Home Writing Journal has 283 people have grabbed it. Yea! That's a nice number. . . but only 11 people have stopped by to say "Thank you or leave a comment." Doesn't that shock you?  Here's another stat. My March Adjectives has been downloaded 1,165 times. . . and 5 people said thank you! 

So here's what I'm thinking. . . . I'm not asking for a book to be written. .  . but just leave me a couple words or a sentence telling me what you think. . . that's all we ask. . . . is that so hard? 

Ok, lecture over and please go to Christina's (if you haven't already) and read what she has to say.



  1. I know I have grabbed a few of your freebies in the past and have been bad and not left thanks- but I do want you to know I truly appreciate all your hard work. THANK YOU!

  2. Patty,
    I think that this is very well said! We teach our students to use manners, and so should we. I have multiple freebies on TPT, and although they have been downloaded many times I have very little feedback on them. We all appreciate knowing that we helped someone out. Thanks for posting this! :)

    Primary Classrooms are Oceans of Fun

  3. I am sorry- because I have taken freebies and not left thank yous! I sooooo appreciate all you talented people who create these great items that save me hours and hours (and gives me new ideas!). So my thank you! I will make sure I thank as I go from now on!

  4. Ohhh, guilty as charged! I have to actually thank you for writing this post - you are absolutely right - it's not done maliciously, but I definitely needed to be reminded. I, too, will thank for freebies! :)


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