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Saturday, September 29, 2012

OU & OW Spellings

Fall. ..Fall. . . oh how I love fall. . . It's cooler outside, the sun still shines and here I sit at my computer. . . shame on me!

I'll make this quick so you too can get outside and enjoy this day.

My kids need to work on learning the difference between the OU and OW spellings on words. They can sound like "OW, I just hurt my finger!" or "OH is that gift for me!"

It's tricky and while there isn't really a special rule to help them learn this, they just need practice in seeing which looks correct.

I made an activity that will help them look at a picture, check out two words and decide which one is the correct one to match the picture. There are 24 cards so you can do this with a SCOOT game if you'd like.

(I would have made more, but it was pretty hard to come up with 24 pictures of words in the clip art that I have!)
I also included an answer key, but sometimes it's just as easy to write the answer on the back before you laminate them. Your choice!

You can pick it up at my TPT Store I'd appreciate any comments that you want to leave!

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. . . oh well. . . he was in Chicago at the Ryder Cup with his brothers in laws and nephews. . . . (this looks very much like our anniversary when he was golfing with these same guys!) I guess I'll have to plan a getaway for MYSELF for my birthday in a few weeks since he isn't celebrating with ME anymore!!! ha ha!

Tomorrow is my Dad's 91st birthday. . . 91! Can you imagine living that long? I struggle with the mid 50's sometimes. . 91, that's huge. . . And he is driving down to see us ( a 2 and a half hour drive) this week. He's actually a pretty good driver still. . . notice I didn't say perfect! I'm so glad that he is still around and so independent.  I do realize that things could be so much worse for him and mom.

Today Mom was skyping with me.  . . . I know My MOM Skypes! At 89 years young she is pretty tech savy.

So she is asking me about Facebook. Because in her circle of friends all that she hears about is the BAD stuff on FB! Jeesh! I always try to tell her that I'm ok and that I know who all my friends are and that I don't put things on there that I wouldn't be proud of.

I try to explain to her how the 'friends' thing works. . . I don't  think I was successful, but she said to not worry, she wasn't going to join it anyway!

 Ok, on to the outdoors! This weather is just too nice to sit inside! Plus I think there is an MSU ball game on tv, but I'm not such a fan that I need to watch it!


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