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Monday, September 24, 2012

A Halloween ABC Order Freebie

We have seen zillions of ABC order activities. . . mine is no different. . . I just wanted to make a quick one for my students and I figured someone out there in this big ol' blog world might also want a quick one.
And because it's small and only 5 pages long, I didn't think it was worth charging for. . . and so you're getting a freebie tonight!

It's called Halloween ABC!

I know that's a real original title, but hey, when it's almost 11:00 on a Monday night ya gotta be happy for what ever you can come up with!

The idea is pretty simple. They have to sort the pumpkins first by design then put them in ABC order. Or if you are really gifted, you can put them all together and put them in ABC order that way! Whooo ooooh! Except I didn't make an answer key for all the pumpkins together. . . maybe tomorrow! These pictures are also from the Spook Tacular Smiles CD from DJ Inkers. You can pick it up at
The frames come from their Kiddoodles Younger Years CD.

The fonts are my new favorites. They come from Rowdy in Room 300. I wanted to try them out and I'm so happy with how they look on the clip art. Don't cha agree? Thanks Nicole for the FREE FONTS!

Hope you like it! Let me know. . . don't just take it and fly away without leaving me a message. . . . You don't want the GREAT Pumpkin to come and take your spirit away do you?



  1. These are great! I pinned them to my Halloween pinterest board. Thanks!!

  2. Thank you! This is one of those skills that just always needs practice. Thanks for sharing for free!

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