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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Winner of the DJ Inker CD and a tip

I am so excited to announce this. . . but wait . . . .first. . . . I have to tell you that I was So So scared to do this. . . learning something new and going out on a limb by yourself is frightening! But I think I figured out this Rafflecopter thingie and I can now announce the winner. . . 

But wait, one more thing. . . I have to apologize for not doing this sooner. . . . I'm sick. . . (boo hoo! poor little ol' me!) No I'm suffering from a sinus infection and it's knocked me off my rocker! I taught today only because I couldn't turn my class over to a sub yet. . . I know. . . I'm a control freak! So now that I'm home and before I crawl up on the couch and  nap, I can now announce the winner!

Ta da!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Tanja Tlusty! You are the lucky winner!! wooo hooo!!

Well I guess I didn't everything so perfect with Rafflecopter! I some how got two winners.

Oh Pooh!

But since this is a new adventure, and I'm so happy happy joy joy about it, I will send a copy of the Pumpkin Pronouns as a consolation prize to Cindy Clark

I know, I know that was a very nice thing to do. . .

I wanted to spiff it all up with a cutsy colorful background but I think for my state of mind today, this is plenty good enough!

I would like to share a tip I have used for a few years that you may or may not have heard about.
Do you have several sets of black dominoes? And do they all get mixed up when the littles are playing with them? Or you find one on the floor and wonder which box it goes in. .. . . Here's an end to that problem. .. .

I spread the whole box out on newspaper out side. I turned them over so only the back side was up. Then I sprayed one whole box orange. On another newpaper I spread out another box, and painted those yellow. You get the idea. .. So now when I find one on the floor, I know exactly which box to put it away in.

Thanks for stopping by! And don't forget. . . Tomorrow's FRIDAY . . . All day long!

Thanks for all of your visits and supporting me. I hope to do this again.


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