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Saturday, March 3, 2012

blogging question

Is anyone else out there having a lazy Saturday? I know that tomorrow I'll be feeling overwhelmed because I didn't get anything done. Why do I do this? This seems so unproductive to lay around blogging, playing games on my ipad and even getting a nap in. I know. . . a nap! Do you remember those? Boy it felt GOOD to take a nap.

I'm feeling sad for the people who had their homes and lives shaken up by the storms this weekend. I love thunder storms, but tornados scare the bajeebers out of me. Please know that  all of us bloggies are keeping you in their prayers.

I have a question for you experienced bloggies. . .. is it better for me to put my free things on a place like teachers pay teachers or teachers notebook, or to just post it for free here? I don't think I can sell my stuff since I use djinkers and I don't have their permission to sell it. I don't mind giving it away, I just wondered if it's better doing it from a different place than just on my blog.

Please give me your opinion, I'm sure there are others who are wondering the same thing.

P.S. (can you do P.S's on a blog?)
P.S.S. don't forget to check out my latest freebie about syllables!



  1. If you are sharing for free posting on your blog is a great way to share. If you post on TPT or TN anyone that wants to download would need an account to view it, even if it was free.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  2. the only benefit to posting it on TpT would be to see how many times it was downloaded, other than that...posting here is fine :)

  3. If you use djinkers, you can't post on TPT or Teacher's Notebook even for free things. It breaks their terms of use. I think posting on your blog is fine.

    Swimming into Second

  4. I love when things are on google docs because I can download them at home but print them at school!

  5. I don't use TPT or TN because the I have to buy another license for my clip art, it's one license per site, and since I don't plan on selling any of it I just post it on my blog, if you link up with a blog like Classroom Freebies, you can post a link to your blog so more people find them. You have to email Charity who runs the Classroom Freebies blogs to be added as a contributor.


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