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Friday, March 9, 2012

BAM game and spelling tricks

When I first found blogs back in November, someone posted a game called BAM! It's a game with words on a cards, and several BAM words scattered throughout the pile. I made the game back then, but didn't do anything with it until this week.


My kids loved it. They said it's the best game ever and wondered where they could buy it! Wow! That's quite a testimonial. They want to only play that game every day.  .  .

Well, that got me thinking that I could make that same game but use words from science, or social studies, or math or MEAP test words or what ever!!!

However, I don't feel comfortable stealing this idea from someone unless I can give them credit for it. . . . so if you know who made it and if you can direct me back to the owner, I would surely appreciate it.

Spelling tricks.

I have a neumonic device to help my students spell a couple words.  I thought it might help some of yours too.

When spelling the ould words like should, could, and would, teach them to remember "Oh You Lucky Duck!" This is the spelling for O.... U... L... D    For some reason this sticks with my kids and they rarely miss this kind of word.

Then this week we have the word around. . . and we came up with "Oh You Naughty Dog!" for O .... U....N... D   words like found, round, sound, hound, etc.

Maybe that will help you!

Off to MRA (Michigan Reading Association Conference tonight!) Maybe I'll see some of you there! Stay tuned till Monday to hear how it goes!


  1. Great ideas Patty, I will definitely try this!! I have awarded you with The Beautiful Blog award! Surf on over and check it out:)

    Surfin' Through Second

  2. I love little tricks like this! Kids really seem to remember this stuff.

    Sally from ElementaryMatters


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