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Monday, June 27, 2016

2 for Tuesday Special Deals!

This week I'm sharing two completely different skill level activities. 

The first is for kids in preschool or kindergarten. This set works well for your home or your classroom. 
Click the picture to go to my store.

The students will look at the row of pictures and think about which picture comes next to complete the pattern. You can leave the three rows connected on the page and just cut out the individual end pictures to place on the ? . Or you can cut apart the three rows and leave them individually too. 

The next product will help your kids understand the meanings of nouns, verbs and adjectives. 
Click the picture to go to my store. 

They will read the paragraph on each page and try to find what the underlined words could be.  It's a good practice for 2nd or third graders. 

These can be found in my store by clicking the pictures above. Or you can go to TPT and type in #2forTuesday in the search bar. My products plus many others will appear. They will be marked at 50% for the whole day on Tuesday. Happy Shopping!

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