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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2 for Tuesday

Welcome Back! It's 2 For Tuesday again!

Today I'm offering two of my favorites that I like to play with kids. 

Kids love to play Vowel Teams Sweep. It's a game where the kids have to read the two words on the card. (Those two words have the same vowel team on them.) If they can read the card they get to keep it. There are some special cards that tell them to trade with someone, grab some more cards, or lose their cards. That makes it more fun to play!

Nonsense Word Parts and Mix & Match is a great way to practice the sounds that can be found in many words. Nonsense Words is an initial consonant that connects with a vowel and final consonant.  Mix & Match uses blends to match with a vowel and final consonant. 

If you want to find these specials and many others, all you have to do, is type #2forTuesday in the search bar of TPT. But you can only do this on Tuesdays. I hope you find some great things. 

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