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Saturday, July 2, 2016

School's Out Blog Blowout!

I'm participating in a fun blog hop that Sarah from Kovescence of the Mind is hosting. I hope you all jump in and join us because not only can you find out about some cool things, but you can also enter to win a $100.00 gift card to TPT.

To win, all you need to do is read on!

My daughter (who is also a teacher) went to a math training that was hosted by Author Nicki Newton. She came home and told me all about it. I was very intrigued by a new phrase she used. "Running Records for Math." 

That sounded like a great thing and certainly something I could use. So I bought the book and am just starting to read it. 

Since I haven't finished it yet, I thought I'd include the summary that Amazon has. 
In this new book from popular consultant and bestselling author Dr. Nicki Newton, you’ll discover how to use Math Running Records to assess students’ basic fact fluency and increase student achievement. Like a GPS, Math Running Records pinpoint exactly where students are in their understanding of basic math facts and then outline the next steps toward comprehensive fluency. This practical book introduces a research-based framework to assess students’ thinking and move them toward becoming confident, proficient, flexible mathematicians with a robust sense of numbers.
Topics include:
  • Learning how often to administer Math Running Records and how to strategically introduce them into your existing curriculum;
  • Analyzing, and interpreting Math Running Records for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division;
  • Using the data gathered from Math Running Records to implement evidence-based, research-driven instruction.
  • Evaluating students’ speed, accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency to help them attain computational fluency;
Each chapter offers a variety of charts and tools that you can use in the classroom immediately, and the strategies can easily be adapted for students at all levels of math fluency across grades K-8. Videos of sample running records are also available for download at

I'm excited to dig into this in the next few weeks. 

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  1. I have some big jobs to tackle at home too! I hope I can get them done in one summer! Ha!


  2. Your blog page is super cute. Hope you have a great summer and enjoy the grandkids!
    Adele - Smart Teaching

  3. Oh my basement is on my summer list every year. It never seems to be finished. Thanks for joining.

    1. And here's the good news. . . Since I wrote that goal, I got right to work and my basement is 75% more empty than it was before! I had a garage sale last weekend and anything that didn't sell, I gave to the Community Mental Health group who will host their own garage sale later this summer. So my junk is GONE! So attack it and you will feel so much better!


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