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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2 For Tuesday! More DEALS!

It's Tuesday again! And here's your half off items for today. These two are from my top 10 sellers.  

Cause and Effect is hard for firsties and 2nd graders to grasp. Practicing with these will help them see what it truly means.
Click the image to go to my store.

Words in Context helps your child to see an unfamiliar word, read the rest of the info about it, and pick the best meaning for that word. This really helps to strengthen their vocabulary!
Click the image to go to my store.
If you want to join others in sharing a 2 For Tuesday, just go to Chalk One Up for the Teacher and you too can add your stuff!
Don't forget to go to TPT and type in #2forTuesday in the search bar to find other products that are half off today. And come back next Tuesday to find more deals!

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