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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Showers, A Wedding AND A Giveaway!

It's coming. .. . it's really coming! 
(that sounds like the song in Wicked!)

Are you ready? 
The End of the Year is quickly approching!

Do you have a long list like I do? Geesh! 

Can I ever possibly get it all done? 

At this time of the year, I live day by day. . . 
and try not to overwhelm myself with the impossible.
How do you cope with it all? 
And even more importantly I want to focus on my family. My daughter and son-in-law are coming home this weekend so we can give them two baby showers. I'm so excited to see them and to give my granddaughter a belly rub! 
I hope she can feel it from inside her special womb!

Just look at how cute my daughter is now!

Speaking of exciting news. . . 
Did you see that Sara Ventrella of Miss V's Busy Bees 
is no longer Miss V?
That's right she got married. . . now is Mrs. U! 
I wonder if she will change her name?

Click this picture to swing on over to her blog.

Not only is it a new name for her, 
but she is celebrating her birthday this week. 
Who doesn't like to celebrate! Obviously she does! 
So go on over to her blog and enter into 5 days of giveaways. . . 

Now, don't you worry that it's too late and 
you may have missed a day. . . 
because you haven't. 
You can enter yesterday's rafflecopter 
at anytime in the next 6 days. 

So git on over there and see if you can be one of the winners!

And if you're still hanging around, thank you! I want to highlight one of my biggest sellers today. If you don't have it, you might want to grab it.

It's called Ou & Ow Spellings. My kids just took a spelling test on words with the ou sound this week. 
Some were spelled ow and some were spelled ou. 
This activity is a great practice for the kids to be able to look at the word and decide which spelling looks best. You can pick it up at my TPT store right here. You might also like to know that this set comes in color AND black & white in case you can't use a color printer.

I use Corinna Gandara's Differentiated Spelling lists. 

You can pick up her spelling lists by clicking on the Red words above this picture.

I love her lists. They are perfect for my 2nd graders. She has two lists for each week. I give everyone the first test as a pretest on Monday. If they get 80% or higher, then I give them the 2nd list to study for the final test on Friday. Anyone who doesn't get 80% on the pretest must practice those  words for the final on Friday. 
If you're interested in this, go check it out in her store. But for now, you have my sincere recommendation!


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