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Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm Home Now! And Who Wants to Win?

I'm BAA-aaa-aaack! I am glad to be back, but I sure do wish I had more time to relax. We had terrific weather and only one rainy day. Not too bad for a vacation in Florida. My sister and my 14 year old niece joined us and they were perfect company. 

Now even though I was on spring break, I still took some time to look at blogs, facebook, and some of the giveaways that others were having. That was very stressful for me! I SO SO SO wanted to be creating while on vacation. 
But then that wouldn't be called a vacation would it?

I get it. . . I'm addicted! 
I love to create and make things that are cutsie and useful!

Does anyone else feel that way?
 I  sure hope I'm not alone on this issue. 

One of the fun things we did was go to the beach. We were fortunate to see their sand sculpture while we were there. This was a part of a little contest they had. This won 1st place. 

I'm a little slow, but I just noticed that this cute background has snowflakes on it. . . darn! I didn't see that at the time I made it! 

I posted a few other pictures on Instagram. If you don't follow me yet, please stop in and add yourself. I'd love to see what you do and to share another side of teaching and family life. 
Click here to join me. Or search for me with "pjrbar" as my name. 

Do you like to enter contests? Would you like to enter another one? Well, let me tell you how. . . Just click  Zipadeedoodah Designs and it will take you to the raffle copter. 

2 Prizes Available To Win!!!

$20 Amazon Gift Card 

$10 Credit

 to her Etsy or TpT Shop

That sounds like a nice way to start the week doesn't it?

Thanks for checking back in with me! If you missed me, then you know that I missed you too!

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