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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Old Fashioned Phones

Would you like to read about what made my day today? 
Take a peak below.

We are doing a play for our STARS on STAGE tomorrow night.
 We are doing Goldie and the Three Hares.

If you haven't read it, check your library to see if they have it. I bet your students will enjoy it!

 One of the lines in it needs a telephone. 
So I brought in this OLD princess phone 
that was one of my aunts.

 I explained how it worked. 
They thought it was a wireless phone 
because there weren't any wires!
I showed them how the dial worked and 
how you had to wait for it to come 
back to it's original place before you
 dialed the next number. 
Each child had a chance to play with it.
What a hoot! They thought this was so funny. 
They said it would take forever to call 911! 
 They were right
You can see where they are struggling 
to hold on to the phone as they dial with one hand.

So that's it. Just my funny giggle for today! 
And a lesson on technology too!


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