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Monday, August 19, 2013

Late Night Reminder of BOGOF

The clock is clicking, and ticking, and tocking, and winding down.

In fact, I almost forgot to go shopping! 

I know! 

That is just wrong!

I was busy unpacking from my week with my dad and my mom's memorial service. . ... 

and trying to put the things back in my new bathroom. . .

(Stay tuned on another day for updates on that!)

That I almost forgot to shop myself!

But I did!


So this is my last minute warning for you. . . 

Especially those of you who live on the West Coast 
or other parts of the world. . . . .

If you want to take part in my BOGOF, then you need to work fast!

If you didn't read about it before, be sure to click on the red word above to find out the deets!

Here's a hint: 

and then this:

That's it! 

Good Night!


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