Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Old Fashioned Phones

Would you like to read about what made my day today? 
Take a peak below.

We are doing a play for our STARS on STAGE tomorrow night.
 We are doing Goldie and the Three Hares.

If you haven't read it, check your library to see if they have it. I bet your students will enjoy it!

 One of the lines in it needs a telephone. 
So I brought in this OLD princess phone 
that was one of my aunts.

 I explained how it worked. 
They thought it was a wireless phone 
because there weren't any wires!
I showed them how the dial worked and 
how you had to wait for it to come 
back to it's original place before you
 dialed the next number. 
Each child had a chance to play with it.
What a hoot! They thought this was so funny. 
They said it would take forever to call 911! 
 They were right
You can see where they are struggling 
to hold on to the phone as they dial with one hand.

So that's it. Just my funny giggle for today! 
And a lesson on technology too!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter M&M Fractions Free For YOU!

Fractions . . . arghhhh!. . . they can be tough for some to understand.  But who doesn't like to eat candy, especially when it's chocolate? So maybe the incentive to understanding fractions is in the idea that once I learn it I can eat my fractions! I love this idea . . . except for the fact that I gave up candy for Lent. So while my kiddos ate theirs. . .  I politely sat back and drooled all over myself!

So this week when you only have a few days left before Easter, I have a freebie for you that's quick to set up and fun to do all in one. 

First you'll need one of these bags of the fun size M&M's. 

Next you'll need to give everyone a copy of this.
 (On the back side you'll put another activity to show how to divide with the same amount of candy.)

The students will sort their candy, 

Then write the fractions for each color. 
For example if you had 22 candies and 
7 of them were yellow, then the fraction of yellow would be 7/22. 

This is a great activity because most kids will have a different amount of candies in their bag.

You can pick up this freebie by clicking HERE.
 It's a 2 page document, that I printed on the front and back when I made the copies for my students. 

Could you just do me a favor and leave me a quick message if you do decide to grab this. I decided not to put this in TPT, but then I don't have any idea how many of you grab it. I'm always curious how many people like my stuff. . . . so a little bit of happiness will fill my heart!

Then just for fun we made a plot graph to see how many candies were in each bag. We rarely get enough practice working with graphs so this is a quick and easy one to do to show how there is usually an average in the bags. 


Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm Home Now! And Who Wants to Win?

I'm BAA-aaa-aaack! I am glad to be back, but I sure do wish I had more time to relax. We had terrific weather and only one rainy day. Not too bad for a vacation in Florida. My sister and my 14 year old niece joined us and they were perfect company. 

Now even though I was on spring break, I still took some time to look at blogs, facebook, and some of the giveaways that others were having. That was very stressful for me! I SO SO SO wanted to be creating while on vacation. 
But then that wouldn't be called a vacation would it?

I get it. . . I'm addicted! 
I love to create and make things that are cutsie and useful!

Does anyone else feel that way?
 I  sure hope I'm not alone on this issue. 

One of the fun things we did was go to the beach. We were fortunate to see their sand sculpture while we were there. This was a part of a little contest they had. This won 1st place. 

I'm a little slow, but I just noticed that this cute background has snowflakes on it. . . darn! I didn't see that at the time I made it! 

I posted a few other pictures on Instagram. If you don't follow me yet, please stop in and add yourself. I'd love to see what you do and to share another side of teaching and family life. 
Click here to join me. Or search for me with "pjrbar" as my name. 

Do you like to enter contests? Would you like to enter another one? Well, let me tell you how. . . Just click  Zipadeedoodah Designs and it will take you to the raffle copter. 

2 Prizes Available To Win!!!

$20 Amazon Gift Card 

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That sounds like a nice way to start the week doesn't it?

Thanks for checking back in with me! If you missed me, then you know that I missed you too!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oh YEA, It's VACA!

For weeks now I have been reading about many people's wonderful spring breaks. Well, now, I can talk about mine. . . it starts TO MOR ROW! . . . . At least it starts tomorrow at 4:00 pm. I'm uber thrilled to have this break. My class is awesome and we did have 9 extra snow days, but this break will be in the SPRING and there will be green grass and flowers, and a bit of sand and chlorine! Oh and clouds too! 

I know you'll miss me, but please come back in the middle of April. I will be having a give away that I know you will want to enter. It is a BIGGIE! 

But for now. . . enjoy your week and kick up those feet and relax some!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

One More Day of the $ale!

My $ale goe$ on until tomorrow. $o check it out before the clock strikes "CLO$ED!"

This is my newest entry and it should really help your kiddos work better with Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives!

Click on the picture of the collage to go to my store. It's only $2.40 while on sale. What a bargain!

5 days until spring break. . . yes, I'm ready!