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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Making My Masterpiece! Have You Made Yours?

Make Your Masterpiece!

If you want to see other Masterpieces, just click on the picture above!

 The lovely ladies are at it again. This week the challenge is to make something new and showcase it here. I happened to have had a product that I started a while ago, but this gave me encouragement to finish it and get it posted. The good thing is that it's perfect for Back to School. 

 I know that increasing vocabulary is important and sometimes tricky for kids. Now my masterpiece is complete and here is my newest set of Words in Context set.   
(Plus. .. everything is on sale in my store until Saturday!)


Thanks to Rebecca Morley from Edventures at Home for proofing my work. Stay tuned and I will share what she made on my next blog post.

A while ago I made a set of cards to help students with new vocabulary words. They had to read the text and try to figure out the meaning of a new word. They could use the text to help them understand the meaning or they could use the picture to help them. This set all about Community Helpers became a good seller for me. Here's a pic of that set.

You can see it in my TPT Store by clicking HERE!

Thank you for inspiring me to get a move on this summer. I don't know what motivation I will be using after next week!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Counting Coins Ready to Go!

This summer in Michigan has been the rainiest that I can remember. It's almost July and we've only had a couple sunny enough days to think about going poolside! But today since it's a rainy day, I'm going to give some attention to my blog. 

This is a quick one. I have a way to help your kids practice counting and exchanging coins. It's really not new and it's not mine. But it does work. You don't need to make any copies or laminate anything. I used real coins from home, but if you have decent fake money that will work too. I happen to think that the real is better because it helps them look at the coins and identify them better. (Especially with the many designs of the nickels and pennies!)

I used this with 2nd graders. However; other grades could use it too. Homeschoolers, and students with special needs could benefit from it. 

I love to recycle containers. Don't get me wrong I go crazy in container stores with all the bright yummy colors, but those cost $$$$. So this activity I used the salad bowls and lids from the @Wendy's salads. I also used the containers that the Carving Board lunch meats come in. I just soak off the labels and use Goo Gone to get the adhesive off.
 I put about 25 pennies in one container. And 8 quarters, 20 times, and 10 nickels in the other container. 

 Because the kids I know like to throw roll the dice too hard, I have them roll the dice inside one of the containers.

Once the students roll the one dice, they grab that many pennies and put them in front of them. The partner does the same.  When there isn't any or many pennies left, they can now make some trades for nickels or dimes. They will put the pennies back into the penny container to keep them separate from the silver. 

After several turns doing the pennies first, they'll be able to trade for quarters. The first one to get to a dollar is the winner. You can reward them with a play dollar bill, a special treat, or just the fact that they won. 

Repeat this as often as you'd like. You can also have them start with $1.00 and have them subtract from the $1.00 and try to get down to zero. This would require them to make trades also. 

Be sure to teach them how to do this so that they have more success with it. 

If you have done this or something similar I'd love to hear how you do it.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dare to Dream! Yes Please!

I'm loving the challenges that these ladies have given us. Yes, it makes me work when I want to be lazy. But it does motivate me to do more than just sit around this summer. 

Here goes!

This week's challenge is 
 Dare to Dream

I'm supposed to think big and let you know why I like to blog and make activities for you and to sell on TPT. 

 I really like to make things. I love cutsie. Even when people say that cutsie isn't the way to teach, I cringe and shake my head. It just has to be cute! I realized that I have been making things since I was in high school. I would decorate my friends lockers, and do bulletin boards for the teachers. As long as I have a computer, and there is clipart in my files, I'm good to go.

I love making connections with so many of you who have stopped by to say hello. I feel like I know many of you. . . even personally. (even though my husband says you aren't real. . . you're just "my cyber friends!") I love going to meet ups to learn more about you and your blogs too. So many have reached out to me from across the world. What a great thing this is and it never could have happened without my blog and TPT.

Now that I have retired from the classroom, I know that I can have a new life. Yes, I'm still working with students each day, but my responsibilities have changed in a very good way. With 3 grandchildren to keep me from being lazy, I know that I will continue to do fun things in my life.

This last one is hard to admit publicly. . . but sometimes I wish I was rich and that everyone knew me. I don't know why that's a wish of mine. . . but it is. . .I'm just going to put it out there and say it. Maybe I crave attention because I'm "The MIDDLE Child!" 

But if I were Rich I know I wouldn't hold on to that money for very long. I like to give things to others who need help. At my school if a family was struggling we would take up a collection. Maybe it was for glasses, a moving truck, groceries, clothes, what ever, we were there to help. I've even slipped money into a person's coat pocket when they didn't realize it. So if I ever make it to the BIG time with TPT, you can be sure that I will share it with many people. 

I hope that you are taking part in this challenge and that you have found some new friends to follow and love.  You can go directly to these blogs below to see who else is participating in this excitement!

Click on any of these icons to go to their blogs.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2 Truths and 1 lie

It's Tuesday AGAIN! Are  you curious about my two truths and a lie? 
Were you right from last week?

Think carefully about these today.

I have never drank a cup of coffee.

I have given up eating french fries.

I don't like to eat steak.

So which one is it? I know they aren't too exciting. . .but the summer brain drain has begun!
Check back in on Friday to see which one is which!

Makeover Madness Is in the Books!

I'm joining a ton of others (Like over 700!) who are trying to revamp their blogs, products and social media sites this summer. Have you seen the buzz? 

If you want in and want to know more, go to Third in Hollywood and read about what Emily and some others have cooked up. 

The first challenge is to take an older product and make it new. 
So here's mine!
 This is my BEFORE above! YUCKY!

This is my AFTER below! I love it!
You can grab it in my store by clicking HERE! I hope you and your students love this. 

Thanks to these lovely people for challenging all of us!