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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back To School SALE

Christina is up to it again!
She is just always thinking!
And I like the way she thinks!
She is hosting a linky party to showcase some of our best for the sale this weekend. You remember your high school year book? And those shots of The Most Likely to Succeed, The Most Athletic, The Cutest Couple, The Sweetest Smile, etc.

Her linky will showcase our favorite activity, the one that we think will give you the most success, and the cutest couple of activities that go together.

Check out mine, and then if you'd like any of them,
 you can get them at my store.
My Teacher's Pet is Words in Context. The Most Likely to Help Your Child Succeed is Vowel Teams Sweep. My Cutest Couple is Apple Addition Splits and Subtraction Gumball Splits.

THEN, you need to go back to Christina's Blog and see who else is showcasing their Year Book Best.

I wasn't one of any of those things in high school. But I was good friends with many who were. . . Does that count?

Don't forget to check out my store on Sunday and Monday. You'll get 28% off your order and if you're like me, you want to catch every bargain that you are allowed! Have fun shopping for Back To School!

Don't forget to use the code: BTS13 at the end of your shopping so you get the discount!

Click on this picture above to go to my store.

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  1. Your Vowel Teams Sweep sounds great! Good luck with the sale!
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