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Monday, April 15, 2013

Many Feelings in One Week

First of all. . . . prayers to all who were involved in the Boston Marathon today. I can't imagine the fear of the families who were back home waiting to hear that their loved one was ok or not. I know our own town has a young lady who was there running. She is fine, but what a fear that must have been for the family. 

Second, does anyone else feel like there is no time to blog? I have to make a choice. . . blog, create something, read and share on Facebook, contribute to my family, do some school work, sleep, eat. . . and then I still feel like I've forgotten to do something. . . Oh YEAA! Pay BILLS! Geesh! I knew I forgot to do something this week.

So if it seems like I'm not here much. . . well, I am. . . you just can't see me! But I'm here and I haven't forgotten about YOU!

Last week we had our annual Stars on Stage production. This is where each classroom performs for the families in the evening. There are songs, skits, plays, readings, poetry, and what ever else the teacher comes up with. In the other classrooms there are activities to keep the families interested in being in our building. One room had games called A Minute to Win It, one room had Bingo, one had a dance party, one made book marks, one had a snack and lost and found. (Do your kids not recognize their own things? Do your parents not recognize their own children's things? We have that problem!)

The school is so crowded with families and it's such a good feeling! I love seeing my past students come back for a hug or two!

Another thing that we did last week was visit our third grade students. (Remember that I teach in a k-2 building. The third graders go to a 3-5 building across town.)
In the fall all of the 2nd grade teachers (there are 12 in our district) went to this 3-5 building to give our kids a pep talk before they took the state assessment. We thought that we knew them better than their new teachers and that we could help them remember to concentrate, and remind them of the test taking skills we had taught them. 

Well, it must have worked because the 3rd grade scores were better than the other grades. So as a reward the 12 second grade teachers were released from our classrooms to go back and visit these same students. Meanwhile the current 3rd grade teachers each took one of our classrooms and had a chat with the 2nd graders to fill them in on what their new school would be like next year. It was a great day. I loved seeing most all of my babies! I loved getting hugs from them and listening to what they are into now. I felt like my smile was going to spread right up to my ears. And truthfully it was clear the students felt the exact same way. Talk about a bucket filler!

I'm working on a give away that you will want to come back and see. .  I'm going to celebrate my 400 followers. If you know someone who isn't following me, send them over! I'm soooo close!

P.S. did some figuring with my students today. . . . we have exactly 8 weeks of school left. . . . we do a math drill every day. They know the goal they are trying to reach out for. . . but can they reach it? We will have about 35 school days of taking this math drill left. . . OMG! 35! ONLY 35 days of work left! I better get out of here and get a move on! You must be feeling the same way as me! 

Go on! Get out! Get your work done!


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