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Friday, April 19, 2013

All that RAIN on Books Isn't a Good Thing!

Last night we got a ton of rain! I mean a ton! There are flood warnings out and everything. . . Thank goodness I don't live near a river.

But this morning I came in to school and found that one of my library book tubs had water in it. . . .

What the h. . .. . . ?

Then I noticed the window sill had a huge puddle on it too. . . 

What the h. . . . ?

The kids were all gasping! "What will Mrs. B think? Oh, she is going to be MAAAAAADDDD!"

Can't you just hear their voices? 

I felt so sad for these books. There were 10 of them that were soaked. 

So I did what any good teacher who loves books would do. . . I padded each page with paper towels. Yes, it was time consuming, and yes they look over stuffed now. . .  

Do you know those cellophane covers that some librarians use to cover the books? Well they do a darn good job of holding the water INSIDE them! So I had to cut all of those off to let the books air out. The covers are drying in the library where they have a larger heater to lay them on.

But hopefully in time they will be useable again. . . .

define useable. .. . well, they won't be as nice, but the pages will still be readable and hopefully they will still get some loving!

And as far as the librarian goes. . . she took it in stride. .. what else could she do? She knows I didn't do this on purpose. . . and I know my window was shut when I left. So we'll just wait and see how they turn out when they are finally dry.

If this ever happens to you, maybe you'll be able to give them mouth to mouth, or cpr, or something to bring life back to your books too!



  1. Bummer! I hate that happened your your books. Thankfully you didn't lose the room AND your room contents.


  2. Oh, that's terrible! I agree that it's good that you didn't lose anything else.



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