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Monday, April 22, 2013

M&M Fractions Thanks Mrs. B

Do your 2nd grade kids "get" fractions?

Do your 2nd grade (or any grade level) kids like to eat M&M's?

(That may seem like a stupid  dumb  silly question, but I did have one who didn't want to eat them!)

I found a great activity from Buzzing with Mrs. B that I know you might want to try.

Why? You might be asking. ..  . .

Well, for one it's using candy, (specifically chocolate) to teach a concept.

Two, it's fun and fairly easy for 2nd graders to understand. 

And Three. . . It's FREE!

You can find it on the TPT page by clicking the word Free above. 

Here's the link for the actual blog page that she talks about this project.

We have been taking our NWEA test all morning so doing this activity was such a great relief and fun too!

If you need something fun and free (You do have to buy the M&M's yourself though, they don't come with the download!) this is a great idea for your kids.

Now, also if you haven't entered my giveaway, please make your way to this post and enter. You have until Wednesday when the winner. . . actually TWO winners will be chosen.


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  1. Thanks, Patty! What a great post - it's so exciting to see my product in action!

    Buzzing with Ms. B


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