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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Corinna's Desk Dollars and Final Day for Giveaway!

At this time of the year, I really and I mean REALLY need something fresh to get my kids to follow the rules and finish the year strong. 

Corinna Gandara is a great friend to have in your back pocket. She has a very fun blog called Surfin' Through Second Grade.

She can use the word "surfin" in her blog name because she lives in Hawaii! Wouldn't we all like to live there or at least visit once in a lifetime?

She has a program that she uses to teach her kids about money, responsibility and behavior. She calls it Beach Bucks.  You can look at it by clicking on the red link.

She even adjusted it for me, since I don't just happen to have a beach near me! She named a set that others who are Beachless can use. They are called Desk Dollars.

I started using this partially yesterday and it really intrigued my kids! Today we jumped right in with wallets, (actually they are just envelopes!) rules, and fines. My kids are loving it! And I feel like I have control again! Ahhhh! That's a Godsend!

My favorite part is the Bonus Bank that I put on my desk. Anyone who owes a fine, puts their money in that bank, which is separate from the regular bank that my bankers use. (Fines are given for not bringing homework, not coming to the read table with their reading book, fooling around and talking too much, hurting others, etc.) I keep a check list of who has contributed to this Bonus Bank. On Friday, anyone who has NOT contributed to the Bonus Bank by paying any fines, will get to divide that Bank up. Each week will be a different amount of money and different amount of kids to share it with. 

If you're looking for something to hold  you and your class over for these last few months of school, this just might be perfect for you!

Now, if you're still reading this and haven't fallen asleep yet, tomorrow is the final day for my giveaway. Click on those red words right there and enter! I know you want to win. Good luck!


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  1. I am so glad your kiddos are excited about the money system! The most exciting day is on Friday when I pull the raffle winner. The same girl has won the last two weeks. She has some extra cash to play around with;) Mahalo for your sweet review Patty, you are such a sweet boggy friend!



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