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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Win a Set of Prefixes!

It seems like no one is shopping ever since they OVER SHOPPED at the malls, before Christmas, and maybe even OVER SHOPPED at the mall after Christmas to get many bargains.

I decided that maybe I need to spice up my sales so that I could maybe attract you to look at my store again!

I made an activity to practice prefixes since that is one of our Essential Skills that we need to work on once we get back to school (we start back on Monday, January 6th).

Would you like a set? I would love to give you one. In fact since my favorite number is 3, I'm going to give 3 away on New Years Day. (did you notice the rhyme?)

So you have from now until 12:00 a.m. on the day after New Year's Day to enter. If I'm still up, I'll notify you after that. . . but if I crash and go to bed early, I will contact you on the next day. Imagine..... this could be your first gift you win for the year! How exciting is that?

Good luck! Share the word, it gets you more points!

P.S. The adorable Happy New Year picture at the top is a freebie from The 3Am Teacher


  1. And congrats on over 500 followers on TPT. Well done!!

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