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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hungover From Cyber $hopping!

Did you have fun shopping this week? I did. . . but I must share with you that I felt a little like a drunken sailor on the morning after. I felt like I had picked up WAY too much clip art. . . . (Is there even such a thing?) 

I really felt like I was sash-shaying all over the place thinking. . . I could make this, I could make that . . . . I could. . . wait! 

When am I going to have time?

Here's a couple things I bought.

Christmas Gifts {Graphics for Commercial Use}    

Kidlettes Royalty bundle by melonheadz     Merry Math {8 Christmas Themed Math Centers}

Geometric Solids {Graphics for Commercial Use}

And then I found out that I won 2nd place in DJ Inkers Holiday contest.

My prize for that was $50.00 in their stuff. . . so you guessed it. . . 
I picked up MORE clip art. .. Oy Vey!

But wait. . . .  
There's more good news. .. 

They loved my Christmas Whispers so much they bought it from me!  So I can no longer sell it to you. If you want to get a set for yourself, you'll have to go to DJ Inkers to get a set of your own. 

Once I got over my slush of picking up too much clip art, I did get busy and make a couple things. 
3D Shapes Easy Match and Learn
It's a simple matching of the shapes with their names. Also included is a black and white version in case that works better for you. It's on sale until midnight Wednesday night for only $1.60. After that it's only $2.00.

The other thing that I made is my $hopping and Matching Price$.
$hopping and Matching Price$
This activity lets your students match the price of an item with the written form of the words.

This too is on sale tonight for $2.40 and after that back to $3.00.

What did you buy? Are you in copy, laminate, cut mode all the time now?


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