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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

He Seemed Like Santa!

Today was our Author's Day. We do this every year and every year I fall in love with another author. I love books and meeting the author makes them become alive. I am thrilled that our building values them and finds enough money to bring in good ones. 

Today it was Jeffrey Schatzer! He even looks a little like Santa Claus and he writes books about Santa. 





 When our school does Author's Day, we also rotate to each room through out the day doing different things in each room. 
This is a retired teacher who read the original Frosty the Snowman to our kids, then she taught them the song, and finally they got to act out the song a bit.

We had a snack of a gingerbread cookie and juice while we watched the movie Frosty the Snowman.

The next thing we did was to make a picture frame with snowflakes.

After a delish lunch we finally got our chance to meet the real author!

One of the things he told the kids was that there were many elves among us. He said we could tell if we would just rub the top of our ears. If we felt a little nub then maybe our ears would begin to get pointier and we must surely be an elf. 

My kids believed  him, and they kept rubbing their ears to see!

No she's not sleeping. . . I just happened to catch her in between a blink!

He read two stories to us and told us a lot about himself. The kids all wanted to know lots about him. His answers were perfect!

"Are you Santa?"  I don't know.
"How do you deliver to all the homes?" Time stops.
"How do you make the toys?" I don't the elves do.
"What do you do on Christmas day?" I sleep.
"Do you still smoke a pipe?" Nope I quit that in 1939, and not instead I drink Coca Cola.

The last classroom that we went to used one of his non Christmas books as a theme. 


This book is a fun one about veggies not liking their job. They come to life. So our students made their own veggies come to life too.

It was a full wonderful day. . .  the kind I like to have once in a while. . . I don't have to plan it, because someone else has done a great job making everything happen so smoothly!

Jeffrey has begun writing history books about Michigan. These are chapter books and are fun and informative to read.

This is book one. There are three so far. 

If you are looking for a Michigan author, I highly recommend Jeffrey. He's very personable and loves to come to schools. 


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