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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oh PEEP! I miss You So!

Do you know Caitlin Orsborne from Learning Ahoy? If you don't, I'd recommend that you check her blog out. She just made a new game that she let me try out with my class. I teach 2nd grade, but my RTI group is 15 first graders. This game uses the first 100 Fry words and it's called Oh PEEP!

Caitlin didn't know that I'm a PEEPS Freak

Her game was perfect for my 1st graders. They had so much fun playing it, 
that they were sad when the bell rang and they had to go back to their class.

The idea for the game is similar to playing BAM! 

(I want to say DAMN! when I lose all my cards! 

So maybe that's why it's called BAM!)

Each child draws a card and IF they can read it, they can keep the card in their pile. But IF they can't read it, they put the card at the bottom of the pile. AND the card needs to be face down. All of this is a great thing for kids to realize. . . we had to work a lot on how to put a card AT the bottom AND face down! (Two great skills for life!)

We put the words on a paper plate to pass the cards around the group. It keeps the cards a bit more organized and it keeps everyone from having to reach to far to get a card.

There are some zinger cards that you may or may not want to get.

 The first one is called OH PEEP! If you get this one, 
you have to put all of your cards back in the pile 
(preferably at the bottom of the pile face down!)

When you get the Oh PEEP! card, you say OH PEEP!

 (and if you were me, you'd want to say Oh BLEEP! 
or Oh SH_ _! but you don't because your mother
 is waiting for you with a bar of soap!)

 Then you make a face, and have to give your cards back! So SAD!

 The game continues as before until someone pulls another zinger!

 This one is called Trade Cards with Another Player.
Oh this one is fun! They get to think about who they know has the most cards.
This young lady traded her 15 cards with another player who had 11 cards.
 But she didn't know that he had less than her! So in the end he got the better deal!


Right after I took this picture, the bell rang to go back to their classes, so I didn't get any other shots of this group!  The game ends when all the cards are passed out (or your bell rings!) The winner can be the person with the most cards. However, they all win because they have practiced reading words that they need to know.

I hope you get the idea. It's a great game and a great way to learn those Fry or sight words. Caitlin used some KEE-UTE clip art from My Cute Graphics. Maybe that's why it's so KEE-UTE!
You can pick these up  for $2.00 at her Teachers Pay Teacher's store. 

Do me a favor and check out Caitlin's blog! 
You will probably find some other things you like that she does too!

Only 16 more days and I can finally eat all the PEEPS that I bought 
since I gave them, and any other kind of candy, up for LENT.



  1. I have a lot of card games like this I play with my guided reading groups. We play games on friday and they so look forward to it! Love this game. I will have to check it out. :)


  2. That's so cute...one day can I pick your brain about how your school runs your Rti groups?


    1. Sure! Email me and we can exchange phone numbers or chat through emails! Pjrbar@charter.net

  3. I love seeing how your class uses this game!

    Learning Ahoy!


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