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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bam with Vowels

We have had a snow day each week for the last three weeks. . . . 
don't get me wrong. . . I love snow days. . . but enough!

Trying to teach and assess in 4 day weeks is nuts. 

But during those snow days, I have been creating a new Fact and Opinion activity. I'm so excited to tell you that DJ Inkers bought it from me and now you can buy it from them if you like it.
Click DJ Inkers to see it. It's very similar to my other fact and opinion activities, except that this one comes with a full set of color slides and a full set of black and white slides in case you can't print in color.

It will be perfect for your class for the whole month of March, not just before St. Patrick's Day. It's a good activity for centers, or small groups. If you grab it, I'd love for you to come back and tell me what you think of it. 

Last week I won a giveaway. I love to enter all of your contests and I win every once in a while. 

Laura Martin from Peace Love and First Grade created this fun game to practice words 
with silent e.

The pictures below show my kids playing a BAM! game. This one has the Super E words on them. Each card has a super hero boy or girl on them. They were so very cute and my kids loved them instantly.

They started making piles of the characters. I think they liked the characters more than the learning of the words. 

Do you see that paper plate there? We used that to pass the stack of cards around. This way no one has to reach too far to try to get a card. Just take a card, read it, then slide the plate to the next person.  It works very smooth. We do this at home with my family when we are playing a card game with  many people. I bet you already knew about this trick didn't you?

They fell in love with this game. It only took one time for me to teach it to them in this big group and now I see them playing it in a smaller group all the time.

Sad face because she pulled a Lose a Turn card!

Happy face because he pulled a Draw 2 Cards!

One little guy even started arranging his like this! A little OCD I do believe.

I sure hope you check out Laura's blog and try this game. I think your kids will really like it and learn from it!



  1. Good gravy, girl! Get to work!!!!! ;)

    Your kiddos look like they are loving your activities!


    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade


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