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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hey Denise! Somebody Loves YOU!

I'm linking up with Christina Bainbridge and sharing with you one of my GO TO BLOGS.  I admire a lot of people in this blog world. But one of the first blogs that I began following and that I STILL follow on a regular basis is Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade.

Since she is a second grade teacher (and much MUCH younger than I am!) and I'm a second grade teacher, I look to her for lots of ideas, fun stuff, moral boosts, and general help for the everyday stuff we all need. Maybe I like her because she is in Sunny Florida and I'm in Michigan. . . and in my secret world I sometimes wish that I lived in Florida!

I really think you all probably know her, but IF, just IF you don't know her blog,  you need to Zip on over there. I even subscribe to her newsletter. She's an awesome friend who loves to share. Not everything is free, and that's ok. I make decent money and I can buy things when I need to and so can all the rest of you. If you see something worth it, buy it! Denise has lots of good things for sale and some good things for free too. In other words, she is worth every penny you spend on her stuff. 

One of my favorite things that I got from her site is her Shaker Bottles.  You can see them on her site, by clicking that title. I have a post about how I did it on my blog and you can see it by clicking here. And she has one more here with compound words.

I guess you could say I've become addicted to these shaker bottles. . . You should see the amount of orange juice that I am drinking! 

If you would like to find a blogger friend to highlight and share the love, you can hop over to Christina's blog and get all the scoop of how to do it! And by all means check out Denise's Blog.



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