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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some lies or truths! You Decide!

Have you seen this floating around the blogs? 
Mrs. Reed at Flying into First is hosting this linky.

I think it's kind of fun to see what people are really about 
and just how well they lie or tell the truth. 

Here are my 2 truths and a lie, in random order. . .
 try to guess and leave a comment, then come back tomorrow or Tuesday 
and I'll post the actual truths to them. 

Gosh these are  harder to come up with than I thought!

1. I sang a solo on Christmas Eve at our church.

2. Senator Robert Kennedy's son, 
Michael slept in my bed.

3. My parents have been married for 69 years. 

Ok, make your guesses. Come back on Monday or Tuesday 
and I'll have the answers for you!


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