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Sunday, March 22, 2020

And Now. . . . What do Parents do?

Social Media is being used as a great resource for parents. I believe it has always been used a a great resource for teachers. But now the parents are tapping into it to gain insight and help from teachers and other parents.

Teachers have used DoJo, Remind, and possibly other medias to keep communication up with their student's parents. One teacher in our building has asked her students to video tape them saying the pledge to the flag. That video is then posted to our school and district facebook page. What a delight to see these littles trying to remain in their routine by doing something they do every day in their classroom. It just warms my heart to see their smiling faces. You can see it here by clicking that link. 

Teachers are asking parents to take pictures of their children doing the activities that we have sent home and that helps us feel like our efforts aren't going unnoticed. 

This family is conducting a calendar time for the siblings. 

Our district is posting birthday announcements of our students in all grades each day. What a way to make them feel important and well loved!

Teachers are posting videos of themselves reading books on social media. I have watched them and found some new books to love. But even more important I have enjoyed seeing my friends whom I don't get to see every day now.  

I love that authors are stepping up and reading their books aloud to us. Eric Carle, Mo Willems, Marc Brown, and Laura Murray. . . just to name a few. Our local library had to close, but the children's librarian has posted a video of herself reading to the children.  I love this. The more we can see people reading to kids the better their lives will be. 

Another idea for parents is to download these free pages from @Melonheadzillustrating. 

FREE We Miss You coloring page - PRINTABLE - Melonheadz Clipart

Thank you clip art and printable - FREEBIE - Melonheadz Clipart

Your children or your students can color these and hand them out to people they love or people in your community who are making a difference for everyone. 

I know this has been a rough week. . . and it's only been ONE week. If it's true that this could last 3 more weeks, how will we handle it? What if it lasts longer? 

We have to remember. . . . 

WE are all in this together. 

We are not alone. 

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